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June 29, 2015 08:00 ET

ClearStory Data Paired With New Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse Release Provides Highly Scalable Data Analysis at Apache Spark Speed

ClearStory's Spark-Powered Data Analysis Solution Combined With Microsoft Azure's Petabyte Data Warehouse Enables Businesses to Accelerate Business Insights on Large Data Volumes

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 29, 2015) - ClearStory Data, the company bringing business-oriented Data Intelligence to everyone, adds highly scalable, Spark-based data analysis when combined with Microsoft's new Azure SQL Data Warehouse. The combination of Azure SQL Data Warehouse that scales elastically to suit business needs and ClearStory's Spark-based, ultra-fast data analysis solution, allows organizations to benefit from a state-of-the-art solution in the cloud to store, process, and speed analysis of large volumes of diverse data. The resulting advantage for organizations of all sizes, are intuitive, business-ready insights that answer critical business questions at speeds that would not be achievable with traditional analytics solutions and last-generation architectures.

Designed from the ground up to address the data-consumption needs of every business user, ClearStory Data's underlying technology for fast data processing is built on Apache Spark, the massively scalable processing system. The ClearStory platform makes it possible to blend and analyze large scale, disparate data sources on-the-fly and iterate on data analysis faster, so more business users can consume and act on data insights rapidly. Businesses can deliver new analytics that demand fast insights from diverse data stored in a hybrid model with on-premises data platforms and cloud data platforms like the newly released Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Every insight captures more data than traditional solutions for better, more reliable answers at faster speeds to help everyone in the business to make quick, data-driven decisions.

The combination of ClearStory Data with Microsoft's solution provides the fastest way to access, harmonize and blend, explore, and uncover business-ready insights through:

  • Out-of-the-box fast data access and data prep - ClearStory provides highly scalable and fast, Spark-based access to data in Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Upon accessing data from these sources, ClearStory's Data Inference Engine determines attributes in the source data to accelerate data prep and data harmonization, eliminating traditional, lengthy, complex data prep operations.
  • Rapid diagnostic, exploratory and ad-hoc analysis - Users can ask more questions, blend and harmonize new data on the fly, and uncover deeper insights. Insights evolve as new data is discovered and update as your data updates without needing human intervention or more data modeling cycles. The business benefits from deeper insights, on more data, that update intraday, daily, weekly or whatever speed the business mandates.
  • Business consumption of insights via Interactive, Collaborative StoryBoards- Business users view StoryBoards to spot insights as data updates, capture and maintain analytic context, and collaborate in real-time to speed consistent, data-driven decisions. At any point, a StoryBoard can be augmented with more data to answer a bigger question, without requiring old-style data modeling and data wrangling.

"Microsoft's release of its highly elastic Azure SQL Data Warehouse provides customers with a hybrid model to help with companies' continued migration to the cloud," said Tim Howes, chief technology officer of ClearStory Data. "In combination with ClearStory Data, customers can simplify data access and blending from Azure SQL Data Warehouse with large volumes of disparate data on the fly so businesses can reach answers faster with less reliance on data experts."

"With the public preview of Azure SQL Data Warehouse, we are pleased to collaborate with ClearStory Data to process data, do analysis and visualize both structured and unstructured data," says Tiffany Wissner, senior director of data platform marketing at Microsoft. "Our goal is to bring insights to everyone and ClearStory facilitates this because it is purpose-built to simplify data access and facilitates fast, collaborative exploration."

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ClearStory Data is bringing Data Intelligence to everyone to accelerate the way business leaders get answers from more data, on a faster cycle, across any number of disparate data sources. ClearStory Data's solution simplifies data access to internal and external sources, automates data harmonization via Intelligent Data Harmonization™ across disparate data, enables fast, collaborative exploration, and reduces business wait times for insights via Interactive, Collaborative StoryBoards™. ClearStory Data lets business users be more self-reliant on reaching richer, faster insights. Its end-to-end solution includes an integrated Spark-based data processing platform and an incredibly simple user application model for business consumption of insights. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA and backed by Andreessen Horowitz, DAG Ventures, Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB).

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