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October 13, 2009 16:36 ET

"CLEC" Southern California Telephone Company's Visionary CEO's Dream Being Realized

TEMECULA, CA--(Marketwire - October 13, 2009) - Over 17 years ago, entrepreneur and visionary Greg Michaels of Southern California Telephone Company had a dream of bringing telephone services into the homes and businesses of America. In fact, it was a very specific vision that led him into what is now a fully operating privately held and debt free Telephone Company. Today the company is a Facility Based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) that services individuals and businesses world wide. Tim Nash, the company's Western Regional Sales Manager, states that "Greg Michaels is a true visionary and leader, who has pioneered in the ever changing and advancing telecommunications world. Greg has steered our company through a number of obstacles since the infancy of the Telecom Act. A big key to the company's success is that Greg is trusted and loved by our 60 employees who enjoy all the benefits of a small business growing into a highly competitive mid Tier Company. Our employees are excited to follow Greg in any direction he deems is best for our company."

At the age of 24, Greg Michaels, the former professional tennis player and real estate entrepreneur, had a vision of bringing a product into every home and business in America. At the time, he did not know what that product was. All he knew was that he wanted to provide a product in such a way that every home and business would buy this product from him and do so month after month. Michaels said "it was the simple razor blade concept," a concept that he learned at his Alma Mater the University of Southern California (USC). Michaels graduated from the entrepreneur program at the USC Marshall School of Business.

Michaels's vision first came when he and his wife Kristine of eighteen years were flying into Atlanta, Georgia for the birth of their niece. Michaels said "it was a balmy night where it had rained all day and then cleared. As the plane broke through the clouds the sky just opened up. You could see a hundred miles in any direction. Every light on every business and home as far as the eye could see just popped." Michaels remembers turning to his wife and saying "we are going to have a business that someday will touch each one of these homes and businesses, and they will buy from us and continue to do so month after month." Two years later, Greg Michaels formed the company Wholesale Airtime, Inc. for the purposes of delivering wholesale cellular and paging services to America. When asked why he started a cellular and paging company, Michaels answered, "I am a real estate guy. In order to learn telecom I had to start somewhere."

It wasn't until he ran into a salesman, selling wholesale cellular services, that he would discover how to accomplish his dream. At the time, Michaels's cell phone bills were $2,000 per month, due to his on the road real estate activities. The salesman told Michaels that he could sell cellular services for up to 50% cheaper than the two main providers would. The two primary cellular carriers in California at the time were LA Cellular and Airtouch. Once the salesman proved to Michaels that his representation of savings was accurate, Michaels instantly knew how to fulfill his dream. Michaels said, "If this company can provide cellular services at a discount to me, I am going to start a telephone company and do the same." Michaels had previously read an article where the government was considering deregulating the local telephone industry.

Michaels said "what Wholesale Airtime, Inc. did was to teach us how to sell, serve and bill customers for telecommunication services." With his eyes set on becoming a Telephone Company, Michaels sought after a seasoned telecom professional to help him do so. Within a year he hired a former Pac Bell Executive for the purpose of teaching him land line telecommunications. Within months Wholesale Airtime, Inc. started offering private line services through a partner relationship with Teleport Communications Group (TCG). Michaels sold the cellular and paging division of Wholesale Airtime, Inc. and used the funds to grow his Telephone Company.

Six months later, the Telecom Act of 1996 was passed deregulating the local and long distance telephone industries. This opened the doors wide open for Michaels who already had a big head start. Soon after the deregulation, Michaels filed for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity with the California State Public Utilities Commission. Michaels wrote the original brief himself which passed through the commission with flying colors. Shortly after that Wholesale Airtime, Inc. became a certified public utility. The company's first offerings were wholesale local, long distance and data services to business.

About Southern California Telephone Company (SCTC): SCTC is a privately held Facility Based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and a facility based, fixed-wireless internet service provider. SCTC has one of the largest fixed wireless or WiMax networks in California. SCTC's corporate offices are located in Temecula, California. Established in June 2005, SCTC is a spin off of Wholesale Airtime, Inc. established in 1994 by SCTC Founder and CEO Greg Michaels. In simple terms, SCTC is an alternative Telephone Company, offering discounted voice, data, Wi-Fi and VOIP services world wide. SCTC has a redundant network with switches in both California and Florida. The company also utilizes the networks and switching facilities of the world's largest telecom carriers to deliver a wide array of telecom products and services to its end users. For more information regarding the company, visit their website at or contact:

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