June 29, 2009 06:00 ET

Cleo's Integration Server Brings Systems, Data and Applications Together Seamlessly, Affordably

ROCKFORD, IL--(Marketwire - June 29, 2009) - Cleo® Communications, a leading provider of managed file transfer and data transfer products and services since the mid 1980s, today announced the release of Cleo Integration Server (CIS), a solution designed to integrate applications, systems and processes internally and externally. The software product allows users to automate data transformations, eliminate manual processes as well as monitor and improve complex business flows. Cleo Integration Server works seamlessly with VLTrader secure communication server for a true end-to-end solution.

"Businesses today are required to integrate applications and processes in order to succeed. They need to continue to leverage multiple systems from an economical standpoint, but they need these systems to work together," explains Todd Enneking, Cleo's Vice President of Business Development. "In the past, tackling integration meant considerable resources both in talent, time and hard dollars. Now, Cleo makes integration possible for more businesses by providing a solution designed specifically for fast, code-free implementation."

Cleo Integration Server is comprised of an easy-to-use graphical process designer to map and test workflows and a process engine to execute flows of almost any complexity. The solution promotes reusable components and functionality across disparate custom, packaged and legacy applications using an object-based architecture and SOA approach. Since there is no requirement for custom coding, a company's own IT staff can create integrations without the need for outside services.

CIS allows for any-to-any mapping between different data formats. Multiple message formats and schemas are supported including XML-DTD, XSD, Hierarchical, attributes, enumerated values, ASCII Text/Flat, Fixed-length, HTML, HL7, EDI, AL3, Excel files, and SQL compliant relational databases. The software provides complete management, reporting and auditing capabilities to track and monitor transactions and delivers real-time triggers and polling events. Comprehensive support for web services is also included.

Maximizing Product Investment

"The possibilities and benefits of integration are endless," adds Enneking. "From improving quality and access to business information, extending functionality of existing systems, bringing products to market faster, enhancing customer and partner relationships and much more. Clients can tackle the most important project first and utilize the investment in CIS for additional benefits down the road."

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About Cleo Communications:

Cleo Communications provides reliable, secure file transfer and data transfer products and services that enable users to easily establish and manage communications sessions, and easily integrate these solutions into their mission-critical e-business applications. Cleo also provides Network Fax solutions with their VLFax Network Fax server software.

Cleo's products have been proven in over 100,000 installations. Customers in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and financial services industries, among others, rely on Cleo products and services to help them achieve complete, automated data transfer solutions.

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