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October 23, 2013 08:00 ET

Cleverbug Brings New Innovation to Massive Social Gifting Market, Debuts CleverCards

Company Introduces Open, Cross-Platform Service, Adds Android and Desktop

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 23, 2013) - Cleverbug today announced its transformation from a birthday card mobile app to a comprehensive social gifting company, and a rebranding of its flagship greeting card service as CleverCards.

By leveraging the convergence of social connections, mobile technology and beautiful physical products, Cleverbug is taking a significant step toward its larger vision of dominating the burgeoning social gifting space. The company will achieve this by continuing to build on its proprietary personalization algorithm with ongoing innovations and releases of the most personalized greeting and gifting services in the world.

"Today's launch is just the tip of the iceberg for the kind of meaningful personalization and emotional significance we can bring to our products," said Kealan Lennon, Founder and CEO of Cleverbug. "CleverCards, our first and flagship product, gives people the ability to create and send beautiful cards for every occasion, they generally cost less than the drugstore, but mean infinitely more to the recipient; imagine this capability across several gift categories, all from the palm of your hand."

Formerly known in the Apple App Store as Cleverbug, CleverCards is a fast and creative way to personalize and send photo-based greeting cards -- both printed and digital cards. Beautifully redesigned to fit the new iOS7 look and feel, CleverCards re-launches today with a powerful new set of features and updates, making it more open, accessible and easier than ever to use. These features include:

  • Cross-platform availability, including: iOS, Android and desktop;
  • Designs and product for all major U.S. and global holidays, and special occasions;
  • Integration with Facebook for a relationship-relevant, socially contextualized end-product;
  • Integration availability for all contacts outside of the Facebook network;
  • Global shipping capabilities at a standard price.

Most notably, CleverCards is the only greeting card app in the world that presents each user with their own uniquely personalized suite of cards and designs, based on social relationships, preferences and behaviors, and built exclusively for them.

Also in the Cleverbug family is CleverBook -- a stealthy, in-development address book product. Prompted by customers who wanted to expand their social graph beyond their Facebook profile, CleverBook is a complementary CleverCards tool that helps manage and curate users' closest relationships and events worth celebrating.

"CleverBook was created to enhance the social connectivity we've come to love from services like Facebook," said Nick Ruotolo, Chief Marketing Officer at Cleverbug. "The reality for most users is that many of the people at the top of our gifting list or the special dates that we most want to celebrate are currently not online. Think about the small children in your life or all those anniversaries you tend to forget. Now, there's an app for that!"

Ruotolo, former President of Vistaprint Europe, joined the Cleverbug board on January 2, 2013. This month, he became the company's Chief Marketing Officer where he leads the company's customer acquisition and engagement efforts. In his new role, he'll drive the expansion of the company's product line to meet the colossal opportunity inherent in the social gifting category.

Leading up to the holidays and in the New Year, Cleverbug will expand its socially contextualized product line to include Holiday card multi-packs which allow users to send their holiday cards to as many friends and family as they wish in one sitting.

CleverCards is available for free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplace. Visit to create and sends cards from your desktop.

About Cleverbug

Cleverbug is a company that's rethinking social gifting.

Conceived by a team of Dublin, Ireland-based developers and designers, Cleverbug technology and products enable users to celebrate life's holidays, milestones and everyday moments in a world of smartphones and social networks, and in a way that's personalized and curated just for them. Their mission: make it fast and easy for everyone to stay connected with their loved ones both on- and offline.

Cleverbug's flagship service, CleverCards, allows users to create real, photo-based greeting cards from the palm of their hand and send them anywhere in the world -- quickly and easily. CleverCards is the only greeting card app in the world that presents each user with their own exclusive, personalized and curated suite of cards and designs, based on social relationships, preferences and behaviors.

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