August 05, 2005 16:21 ET

CleverView for cTrace Analysis™ From AES

Taking the "Disaster" Out of Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance for z/OS-based Systems

MENLO PARK, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 5, 2005 -- Public companies are required by law to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation. This includes conducting regular Disaster Recovery (DR) exercises designed to prove the ability of a company to quickly recover from a major interruption in corporate computing capabilities. CleverView for cTrace Analysis from AES can make this process quicker, easier, and less of a financial burden.

Whether conducting a DR drill or a regular preparation for potential disaster recovery, the need to effectively integrate an existing system's IP network, with all its accompanying custom settings, definitions, usages and specifics, into the foreign IP network of a DR provider is complex but vital. This situation becomes even more critical if the z/OS based personnel working on the DR efforts can't effectively deal with low-level TCP/IP Component Traces.

Its real-time tracing capability allows CleverView for cTrace Analysis to identify unexpected complications and facilitate their speedy resolution by readily visualizing and diagnosing the problem. Real-Time Packet Trace uses the documented z/OS API to provide real-time packet tracing and formatting on the host. This gives CleverView for cTrace Analysis the unique ability to deliver a view of TCP/IP network traffic as it occurs, with the Windows portion of the product providing expert analysis and correlations.

Users can generate different types of performance reports, which also allow extensive filtering options for more precise information. Real-Time Packet Trace is offered as an option, not a requirement. If only snapshots of problem-related traces are required, the overhead of running continuous real-time traces is eliminated. Exception Reporting provides access to multiple error report types with just the click of a button. All defects are grouped into such categories as Traffic, Threshold, Session, or Sense Code Errors. Customizable highlighting in the Sequence of Execution and Packet Summary Reports allow you to see prevalent categories at a glance.

With CleverView for cTrace Analysis, the down time due to lack of successful communication with the outside world can be cut from hours to minutes, taking the "disaster" out of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for z/OS-based systems!

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