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ClickFox, Inc.

February 07, 2013 09:00 ET

ClickFox Analysis Points to Increasing Complexity in Measuring Customer Experience

Increasing Investments in CRM Technologies Create Data Management Obstacles for Businesses

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - Feb 7, 2013) - ClickFox, the pioneering leader in customer experience analytics, today announced a record year in analyzing 17.6 billion customer journeys. The Fortune 500 enterprises the company serves strive to create holistic perspectives of customer service experience across multiple service touch points. These findings point to enterprises' adoption of new customer service technologies as an annual trend, with the total number of disparate customer relationship management systems ingested for analysis by ClickFox up 15 percent over 2011, and 60 percent over 2010.

"The growth of disparate customer relationship management systems and customer journeys analyzed by ClickFox this year is not surprising," said Marco Pacelli, CEO, ClickFox. "While businesses recognize the need to accurately capture customer service experiences across their technology investments, they continue to fail to aggregate data to accurately identify where customer service goes wrong. With these insights in mind, customer-facing organizations are empowered to increase customer loyalty, maximize sales channels and decrease service overhead associated with addressing negative, service experiences."

ClickFox manages the increasing complexity and scale of customer journeys by deploying its patented visualization software on EMC's Greenplum MPP environment. This environment enables the perfect balance of effective ways to leverage emerging technologies for handling large amounts of data while providing classical database capabilities.

Companies that are leading in customer experience improvements understand that to get the most out of their CX effort they need to focus on the journeys versus single touch points. ClickFox enables this breed of customer centric innovation, which allows companies to analyze behavioral patterns, execute "test and improve" recommendations and measure the successful ROI of these efforts. ClickFox has ingested over 340 billion nodes into its data analysis software in 2012, which is further evidence of the scale of customer service experience management across operational and technology silos for businesses.

Best Practices for Customer Journey Management in 2013
In order to more effectively manage negative service experiences and increase customer loyalty in 2013, ClickFox recommends the following best practices as industry standards for managing customer service data:

1. Analyze customer experience across unified data sets
2. Foster integration between IT, marketing and service teams to ensure data silos are managed holistically
3. Utilize metrics that drive actionable business decisions based on customer journeys
4. Predict future customer behavior based on recorded journeys
5. Invest in analysis capabilities to ensure maximum value from data management initiatives

About ClickFox
ClickFox is the market leader of a new breed of experience analytics software and solutions, analyzing behavior for more than 17.6 billion consumer journeys across every channel available to consumers. Transcending a limited single channel view, ClickFox patented behavioral analysis engine provides a visually intuitive mapping of all customer interactions -- from IVR, retail, Web, and email to agent CRM desktops, mobile devices, and interactive kiosks -- delivering unparalleled visibility to uncover hidden connections and reveal bottom-line customer insights. Deployed by some of the nation's largest telcos, financial institutions, among other Fortune 500 enterprises, ClickFox has a proven track record of helping world-class service providers dramatically boost operational efficiency and profitability.

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