Client Outlook Inc.

Client Outlook Inc.

May 12, 2011 10:00 ET

Client Outlook Inc. Announces FDA 510(k) Clearance for eUnity™ Enterprise Medical Image Viewer

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 12, 2011) -Client Outlook announced today that they have received their FDA 510(k) Class II Medical Device clearance to market its enterprise medical image viewer, eUnity(TM), within the US marketplace.

eUnity's(TM) clearance as a Class II Medical Image Viewer for diagnostic usage, granted on May 6, 2011, permits US-based clinicians using a calibrated monitor to use information displayed by eUnity's(TM) viewer for patient diagnosis.

To date, Client Outlook has been focused on helping doctors and patients in Canada. The company recently completed a rollout of eUnity(TM) to thousands of users across Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto – a hospital recognized as a leader in healthcare innovation.

Sunnybrook's adoption of Client Outlook's breakthrough technology provides clinicians with unprecedented new levels of access to view and share medical images, collaborate and diagnose; improving efficiency of patient treatment, speeding access to care, and lowering cost.

"eUnity(TM) is absolutely wonderful. I have never seen a program or process have such hugely positive effects and results for the clinician. In my opinion, the implementation of eUnity has been the single most important development to assist physicians in the fifteen years I've been at Sunnybrook. Even in the short time I've been using the product, it has become evident to me that eUnity is responsible for obvious gains in our efficiency and productivity, while facilitating the delivery of high quality, and safe, patient care. It has also greatly enhanced our educational undertakings. Perhaps most importantly, though, eUnity has had a terrific, positive impact on resident and staff morale in Internal Medicine," says Steven Schumak, MD, FRCPC, Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto.

"Momentum is clearly building in the marketplace for eUnity(TM) on multiple fronts," says Steve Rankin, CEO, Client Outlook. "US FDA approval unlocks tremendous potential for our company – as we now move into the US marketplace with our technology. Furthermore our highly successful rollout at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre – a world recognized leader in healthcare - clearly proves the value and benefits of eUnity(TM) to the broader North American market."

About eUnity(TM)

eUnity(TM) provides healthcare professionals with secure access to medical images. eUnity is a common viewer and can display multiple image types such as radiology and cardiology including X-rays, CT, MRI, X-ray Angiography, and Ultrasound scans from any Internet-enabled location. In the past, clinicians have been forced to view poor quality medical images or rely upon expensive, specialized equipment to view and share information, limiting access and collaboration. Now, eUnity(TM) allows clinicians to view diagnostic quality images from any Web browser while using the Internet to directly collaborate with other medical professionals within a hospital setting or in other locations.

About Client Outlook

At Client Outlook we're building innovative IT solutions that provide health professionals with secure access to the information they need at the point of care. For more information about our company and our product, eUnity(TM), visit us on the web at

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