Punch Communications

Punch Communications

September 25, 2009 12:32 ET

Clients Now Prefer Multiple Service Agencies According to Punch Communications

Modular Approach Is Key To Successful Business Says PR Company

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 25, 2009) - Punch Communications, a boutique PR Company with the skill and capability of a global agency, has indicated that flexibility in providing multiple services to clients is now a key factor in the success of both new and ongoing business.

The ability of a PR agency to provide a host of services, both online and offline, has become highly important in winning business over the last few years, with online PR activity and the wave of social media popularity providing new outlets for agencies to learn and new tools with which they can exercise their communications expertise on the behalf of clients. Over time online PR has become much more technical and the agencies that have benefited from this the most are those who have embraced new methods of PR, taking them on board and offering expertise in these areas as added services to clients.

Punch has identified that many current clients are also keen to utilise the plethora of services that it provides, implying that agencies who aren't so forward thinking are likely to loose out to those offering new opportunities for clients as well as more traditional ones as part of an overall package.

Pete Goold, Managing Director of Punch Communications, said: "It has become increasingly evident that our clients are just as if not more willing to try out new opportunities within PR, particularly online promotion. Our ability to provide PR 2.0 services to clients for example, such as search engine optimisation which we have developed over that last year, is well received, and has been a factor in helping us win many opportunities for new business."

Punch's abilities as a digital PR and SEO agency have resulted in added value for its clients, with the plethora of services complimenting each other as part of an overall PR campaign.

Pete continued: "Whilst using either traditional or more recent aspects of PR as stand alone projects will have an impact in terms of visibility and publicity, it is the interlacing of all the aspects of PR that will reap the greatest benefits for a client."

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