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May 18, 2012 12:03 ET

Climate Change is Leading to Rapid Boiler Innovation According to Boiler Guide

LEICESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 18, 2012) - Changes to the world's climate and the ongoing activity surrounding climate change has had a significant impact upon boiler innovation according to Boiler Guide, the UK's leading online resource for homeowners and heating engineers regarding all boiler replacement issues.

There is now a multitude of new boiler technologies available to home owners as a way of reducing the carbon emissions of a home. These measures can also save home owners money as well as being better for the environment, and with 2012 set to bring a big government push for sustainability and carbon neutrality, manufacturers in the heating industry have had to be more innovative than ever before.

One of the best carbon neutral ways to heat a property is through the use of a biomass boiler. Biomass consists of organic matter such as plant or wood, which is often reduced to pellet form. The carbon produced through the burning of biomass is offset by the carbon taken in by the organic matter during its growth, making it entirely carbon neutral as well as a sustainable source of energy providing that more trees are planted as replacements.

High efficiency central heating boilers can also go a long way towards cutting down a home's carbon emissions. High efficiency 'A' rated condensing boilers convert 90% or more of their fuel into heat, compared to 70% or below for old G rated boilers, by retaining the heat that would normally be wasted through the flue of a non-condensing boiler.

David Holmes, Founder of Boiler Guide, said: "There are now numerous ways for home owners to reduce the carbon emissions from their home. This is set to be a focus of a government efficiency drive in 2012, as boilers account for roughly 60% of the carbon dioxide emissions from a home heated by fossil fuels.

"With a new type of condensing boiler homeowner's can reduce their CO2 emissions by as much as 25%, whilst also reducing heating bills by up to £300."

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