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November 04, 2009 02:16 ET

Climate Exchange announces Monthly trading update

Isle of Man, UK--(Marketwire - November 4, 2009) -

Press release 
4 November 2009 

                          CLIMATE EXCHANGE PLC

      Monthly Trading Update for the European Climate Exchange,
  the Chicago Climate Exchange and the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange

Climate Exchange plc, below outlines the trading volumes for the month
of October 2009 for the European Climate Exchange (ECX), the Chicago
Climate Exchange (CCX) and the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE).

Market Highlights 

  . ECX trading volumes remained strong across all products during
    October, total 436Mt with an average daily volume of 19.8 Mt. Year
    to date volumes on the exchange have now surpassed 4 billion
    tonnes. The EUA Dec-13 futures contract experienced another active

  . Trading in the EUA and CER daily futures continued to grow during
    October, a total of 12,098 contracts were traded with over a
    million EUAs trading on 28th October. ECX market share of the total
    spot market is approaching 25%.

  . The number of open positions in ECX futures and options increased
    further and currently stands at 825,877 lots.

  . Open Interest on CCFE ended the month at 143,458 contracts,
    representing a 68% increase from the 85,373 contracts at the end of
    October 2008.

  . 108,696 contracts traded on CCFE in October, a 229% increase over
    the 32,999 contracts traded in October 2008.

  . 27,220 contracts traded on CCX in October, representing an 18%
    decrease from the 33,013 contracts traded during October 2008, as
    uncertainty of US climate legislation continues to affect the

  . Following the introduction in the US Senate of the Clean Energy
    Jobs and American Power Act on September 30th, climate legislation
    picked up momentum in October as the U.S. Senate
    Committee on Environment and Public Works held a series of hearings
    on the proposed legislation and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham
    (SC) threw his support behind the bill.

Total ECX Products (Contracts*)

                   2009         2008         Change 

October            435,930      412,352      5.7%
YTD                4,309,908    2,297,822    87.6%
Open Interest      825,877      514,139      60.6%
*1 contract equal to 1,000 EUAs/CERs

ECX EUA Futures Contract

                   2009         2008         Change 

October            314,960      324,942      -3.2%
YTD                3,180,310    1,656,524    92.0%
Open Interest      390,277      251,802      54.99%

ECX EUA Options Contract

                   2009         2008         Change

October            14,244       6,535        118.0%
YTD                353,933      211,870      67.1%
Open Interest      205,994      112,820      82.6%

ECX EUA Daily Futures Contract ('Spot') (launched 13 March 2009)
                   2009         2008         Change

October            12,098       -            -
YTD                47,066       -            -

ECX CER Futures Contract (launched 14 March 2008)

                   2009         2008         Change

October            87,523       65,675       33.3%
YTD                644,895      377,428      70.9%
Open Interest      136,817      104,717      30.7%

ECX CER Options Contract (launched 16 May 2008)

                   2009         2008         Change

October            6,300        15,200       -58.6%
YTD                81,130       52,000       56.0%
Open Interest      92,789       44,800       107.1%

ECX CER Daily Futures Contract (Spot) (launched 13 March 2009)

                   2009         2008        Change

October            1,030        -           -
YTD                2,799        -           -

CCX CFI (Contracts)

                   2009         2008         Change

October            27,220       33,013       -18%
YTD                389,606      649,323      -40%
CCFE (Contracts)

Total CCFE Products

                   2009         2008          Change

October            108,696      32,999        229%
YTD                1,216,425    419,094       190%
Open Interest      143,458      85,373        68%

CCFE SFI and NFI Futures & Options Contracts

                   2009         2008          Change

October            42,315       24,102        76%
YTD                489,608      363,739       35%
Open Interest      80,276       63,291        27%

CCFE Carbon Complex including CFI, RGGI, CCAR and CFI-US

                   2009          2008         Change

October            65,610        8,744        650%
YTD                718,997       49,015       1367%
Open Interest      55,713        17,444       219%

Other CCFE Products including IFEX

                    2009         2008          Change

October             772          153           405%
YTD                 7,820        6,340         23%
Open Interest       7,469        4,638         61%

For breakdown of daily trades, please refer to websites as follows:


Richard Sandor, Executive Chairman of Climate Exchange plc, said:  "As
the U.S. Congress moves forward with consideration of a federal climate
law and policymakers internationally work toward progress
in Copenhagen, we see building interest in carbon markets as a tool for
addressing climate change."

Neil Eckert, Chief Executive Officer of Climate Exchange plc, said:
"This represents another month of solid progress both at ECX and CCFE.
We now enter a critical phase where the spotlight will be Carbon
markets during the run up to Copenhagen"


Richard Sandor, Chairman Climate Exchange plc and     001 312 554 3370
Chairman & CEO Chicago Climate Exchange               

Neil Eckert, CEO Climate Exchange plc                 0207 382 7801 

Patrick Birley, CEO European Climate Exchange         0207 382 7818 

Jonny Franklin-Adams and Simon Law, Fox-Pitt,         0207 397 8900
Kelton Limited                                                     
Peter Rigby/Alex Parry, Haggie Financial              0207 417 8989
                                                      /07813 808 738
About Climate Exchange plc

Climate Exchange plc is a holding company whose subsidiaries are
principally engaged in owning, operating and developing exchanges to
facilitate trading in environmental financial instruments including
emissions reduction credits in both voluntary and mandatory markets.
Its three main businesses are the European Climate Exchange (ECX) which
operates the leading derivatives exchange focused on compliance
certificates for the mandatory European Emissions Trading
Scheme, Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which operates a voluntary but
contractually binding cap and trade system for greenhouse gas emissions
in the U.S., and the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE) the
leading U.S. regulated environmental products exchange whose contracts
include mandatory U.S. emissions such as SO2 , NOx and RGGI CO2.

About European Climate Exchange

The European Climate Exchange (ECX) manages product development and
marketing of futures, options and spot contracts based on CO2 EU
allowances (EUAs) traded under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and
Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) issued under the Kyoto Protocol.

ECX contracts are listed and traded on the ICE Futures electronic
platform, offering a central marketplace for emissions
trading alongside other energy commodities with standardised
contracts and clearing guarantees. ECX/ ICE Futures is the most
liquid Exchange for carbon derivatives trading. More
than 100 businesses have signed up for direct membership to trade ECX
products. In addition, several thousand ICE clients can access the
market via banks and brokers.

About Chicago Climate Exchange, Inc. and Chicago Climate Futures

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is a financial services business whose
objectives are to apply financial innovation and incentives to advance
social, environmental and economic goals. CCX is the world's first and
North America's only contractually binding rules-based greenhouse gas
emissions allowance trading system, as well as the world's only global
system for emissions trading based on all six greenhouse gases. CCX
members are leaders in greenhouse gas management and represent all
sectors of the global economy, as well as public sector innovators.
Greenhouse gas emission reductions achieved through CCX are the only
reductions in North America being achieved through a legally binding
compliance regime. Independent third party verification is provided by
FINRA. For a full list of CCX members, daily prices and other Exchange
information please see the CCX website. 

The Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE), a wholly owned subsidiary
of the Chicago Climate Exchange, is a CFTC designated contract market
which offers standardized and cleared futures contracts on emission
allowances and other environmental products. Clearing services are
provided by The Clearing Corporation. Market surveillance services are
provided by the National Futures Association, the industry wide,
self-regulatory organization for the U.S. futures industry.

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