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February 15, 2016 08:27 ET

Clinical Psychiatrist Creates Jovium Natural Supplements for Mental Health

Emotional and Mental Wellbeing Products Now Available for Purchase on

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - February 15, 2016) - Jovium®, a brand that develops products to help people achieve a stronger and healthier emotional balance, announced that its supplements are now available on, a prevalent health and nutritional products online retailer.

"With our products now available on, more people have a natural way of achieving a healthier emotional balance," said Dr. Alfredo Nudman, CEO and Founder of Jovium.

Alfredo Nudman MD used his knowledge from being a clinical psychiatrist and professor at Cornel University for more than a decade to create the Jovium product line of natural supplements. After years using modern psychiatric techniques and medicines he realized they were limited in effectiveness and many have uncomfortable side effects. He started looking at other alternatives that could help his patients better. At the same time an increased number of patients would came to him actively seeking more natural alternatives to obtain relief from their difficulties, often preferring to avoid drugs altogether.

Sifting through thousands of pages of medical and scientific journals, Dr. Nudman identified natural ingredients, which were scientifically proven to enhance mood, relieve feelings of depression and anxiety and promote calm, emotional balance, energy and wellness. He then went on to develop a system that would bring all of these components together, The Jovium System.

The Jovium System comprises three separate products, which can either be used individually or along with each other in several combinations to help the user realize his or her health goals. Jovium Essentials helps create improved neurotransmitter function, which in turn gives the user less anxiety and a better overall mood. Jovium Ultimate Strength promotes greater metabolism in brain cells, boosting focus and energy and relieving anxiety and depression. Jovium Max EPA Omega 3 gives users the maximum dosage of EPA omega 3, which has been proven to provide better cognitive function and mood regularity.

"The Jovium System is an outstanding, effective and natural way for people to get the emotional and mental balance they need in their lives," said Nudman. "We look forward to helping more people thanks to this new sales relationship with"

All Jovium products are manufactured at GMP-certified facilities in North America, and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the quality of ingredients and their effects. Users may experience better mood regularity, improved cognitive function, better attention span, more energy and an enhanced sexual appetite.

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