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April 01, 2013 11:00 ET

CliQr Delivers CloudCenter 2.0 for Next-Generation Cloud Application Migration and Management

New CloudCenter Platform Manages the Entire Lifecycle of Activities From Migration to Benchmarking Cloud Price-Performance to Deployment

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 1, 2013) - CliQr Technologies, the leader in enabling businesses to move, manage and secure applications from any physical or virtual environment to any private, public or hybrid cloud without application modification, today announced the availability of CloudCenter 2.0. CliQr's CloudCenter 2.0 further defines the cloud migration and management solution landscape with its rich set of new performance and manageability features that support mission-critical enterprise-class cloud computing.

CloudCenter 2.0 features CliQr's Vendor Edition specifically developed for businesses such as software and IT service providers moving to the cloud as a commercial medium to deliver solutions and services to their customers along with larger enterprises looking for a management platform to manage multiple groups or departments using one or more applications on one or more clouds. The Vendor Edition makes it extremely efficient to move, manage and secure applications to any private, public or hybrid cloud without modification of the application. It includes important integrated features such as a customizable and configurable user interface, an application marketplace and granular user, license, cloud accounts and billing management.

"We are very pleased to continue to redefine the cloud migration and management solution landscape with the delivery of CloudCenter 2.0," said Gaurav Manglik, CEO and co-founder of CliQr Technologies. "Our new release intelligently integrates a required and logical combination of features that provide the best in both application migration simplicity and portability along with deep, granular runtime management and optimization. We believe that CloudCenter 2.0 will help businesses see an intelligent path to deploying the many applications waiting to take advantage of the benefits of enterprise-class private, public and hybrid cloud computing."

"Making the decision to move to the cloud is really more of a business decision than a technology selection because the possibilities the cloud offers to organizations are endless," said William Fellows, Research Vice President at 451 Research. "CloudCenter 2.0 makes it possible for businesses to realize the power of cloud computing through increased agility, streamlining of IT operations as well as helping commercial software, IT and cloud service providers utilize the cloud to reliably deliver cloud-based solutions and services to their customers."

CloudCenter Vendor Edition
CloudCenter Vendor edition builds upon CliQr's patent-pending CloudCenter Enterprise Edition with new integrated features designed to meet the needs of businesses that use the cloud to commercially deliver solutions and services to their customers. CloudCenter 2.0 Vendor Edition is ideally suited for software providers, systems integrators, professional service providers, cloud infrastructure providers or larger, departmentally organized enterprises.

  • Software Providers: CloudCenter 2.0 Vendor Edition makes it efficient for software providers to deliver offerings as a cloud-delivered service, reducing operating costs, expanding addressable markets by enabling their customers to decouple the application value from the need to design, deploy and manage physical IT infrastructure. The Vendor Edition can also support development/test environments for the software provider along with the ability to set-up turnkey proof-of-concept environments, making it easy for customers to try the software offering in a "click." The Vendor Edition supports complete cloud portability ensuring that end users are always experiencing the optimal price and performance in an evolving cloud market.

  • Service Providers: CloudCenter 2.0 Vendor Edition provides a complete platform for systems integrators and service providers to help clients move applications to, and manage applications on, private or public clouds. CloudCenter 2.0 makes it easy to manage private and public deployments that can be used for a variety of applications and support a variety of use cases such as cloud-based disaster recovery and public development/test environments. The Vendor Edition allows service providers to progressively retain and repurpose intellectual property from one client engagement to another by publishing applications and application templates to an established repository.

  • Cloud Providers: CloudCenter 2.0 Vendor Edition supports cloud providers by providing a platform that makes it easy and efficient to move business applications to their cloud without having to modify the application in any way. Once on the cloud, cloud providers can further expose unique value-add services that demonstrate differentiation and enhance customer loyalty.

  • Large Enterprises: The Vendor Edition is ideal for larger businesses that want the ability to have strong, granular administrative controls to set-up sub-accounts, such as departments, and want the ability to have very granular user, license, application, cloud and departmental charge-back billing management capabilities.

"Gone are the days where using applications included a deep commitment to plan, purchase and manage expensive datacenter resources," said Ken Murray, CEO of Transformatix. "The acceptance and opportunity of cloud computing, along with the CliQr CloudCenter platform for vendors like us, has been a real breakthrough. CloudCenter 2.0 allows us to create cloud-based life sciences portable applications that provide a collection of market-specific offerings, allowing us to build our brand presence while giving us literally everything we need to easily deploy and manage all of our customers' needs on the cloud."

Other new features of CliQr's CloudCenter 2.0 include improved productivity including:

User Interface: CloudCenter 2.0 includes an intuitive user interface that logically supports the natural management of the lifecycle of one or more applications on one or more clouds. From describing the source application to benchmarking the price-performance of the application across clouds to deployment and then ongoing runtime management, CloudCenter 2.0 provides a single-pane-of-glass for any private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

Storage Management: CloudCenter 2.0 enables the user to be able to move data to, and sync between, clouds using the "drag and drop" functionality. The intuitive user interface allows for easy file transfer and folder management, improving the overall experience of data migration and portability among clouds. Users will also continue to have the option to use SFTP to securely transfer files to the cloud.

Condition Monitoring: CloudCenter 2.0 features a new user interface that provides a "heads-up display" showing the health of application performance on private and public cloud environments, including an intuitive red/yellow/green display of application load, which in turn invokes back-end policies to drive activities around performance optimization, such as auto-scaling.

In addition to auto-scaling, which automatically instantiates new nodes as needed to optimize performance using load-based and infrastructure usage-based information, CloudCenter 2.0 features VM control. VM control manages control over spinning-up and tearing-down VMs, optimizing performance of scalable applications while preventing critical VM sprawl by enabling the user to set a policy to automatically shut down an application after a certain period of time.

Expanded Application Coverage
CliQr provides a full spectrum of packaged application profiles used to intuitively guide an IT end user through the process of describing the application through the use of a simple drop-down menu. Using these application profiles, applications can be moved to many combinations of clouds such as public, private or managed private clouds, development/test environments on public clouds with fluid migration to private production, logically coordinated hybrid clouds and actions such as trans-cloud bursting based on schedule or performance-based policies for disaster recovery deployments or managing peak workloads. Packaged application profiles include:

  • N-Tier - e.g., web apps: e.g., Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails. .NET, enterprise applications: e.g., Oracle EBS, SAP ECC
  • Cluster - e.g., MPI-based high-performance computing applications
  • Batch - e.g., billing, gene sequencing, batch-processing documents, regressions, simulations, video transcoding, etc.
  • Parallel - e.g., gene sequencing, simulations
  • Cloud-Delivered Thick Client - e.g., design/graphics rendering, modeling UI, layout editor (e.g., semiconductor)
  • Other - specific packaged profiles for enterprise applications like Zimbra Collaboration Server, SAP ECC and Oracle EBS

Integrated Cloud Governance
CloudCenter 2.0 features the tools required to manage a majority of the aspects related to cloud governance, including:

  • Data, key, application and network security
  • Logging and audit
  • Metering (granular by user, application and cloud)
  • Rights management (user, application, clouds -- e.g., what applications and clouds does the user have access to, ability for an admin to create default anonymous cloud per user)
  • Policy management (auto-deploy based on price-performance benchmarks)

Expanded Private and Public Cloud Support
Private Clouds Supported:

  • CloudStack
  • OpenStack
  • VMware

Public Clouds (all regions) Supported:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Compute Engine
  • HP Cloud Services
  • IBM Smart Cloud (SCE)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Rackspace

New Runtime Management and Optimization
The release of CloudCenter 2.0 provides a complete set of integrated capabilities to manage the optimal deployment and performance of an application on any private or public cloud. The application-centric migration capabilities of CloudCenter 2.0 allows un-altered applications to natively be deployed an any private or public cloud with no performance overhead, enabling enterprises to utilize the best-practice rules and behaviors of cloud primitives that include compute, network, storage, security and pricing.

About CliQr Technologies™
CliQr Technologies is a leading provider of cloud-application management solutions that enable companies to move, manage and secure any newly developed or existing application onto any public, private or hybrid cloud without a costly and complex migration. Unlike other approaches to cloud migration and runtime management, CliQr's innovative CloudCenter™ enables businesses to on-board once and run anywhere by decoupling a business' application from the complexity of the underlying cloud infrastructure without scripting, re-coding of applications or creating virtual machine images. Once on-boarded, CliQr enables applications to be benchmarked across any cloud or cloud configuration, optimizing price-performance by ensuring the application is running on the best cloud environment possible. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., CliQr Technologies is backed by Foundation Capital and Google Ventures. For additional information, please visit

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