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January 27, 2015 08:00 ET

CliQr Extends Leading CloudCenter Platform to Include Deployment and Management of Docker Containers Along With "Composite" Container/Virtual Machine Application Topologies

CliQr's New Support of Container Technology Delivers First Comprehensive Solution for Any Combination of New and Existing Applications, Containers and Virtual Machines

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 27, 2015) - CliQr Technologies, the leader in hybrid cloud management, today announced the support of Docker in its CloudCenter platform. Combined with CliQr's existing abilities to migrate, manage and govern a broad range of new or existing applications across any private or public cloud, the additional support of Docker gives developers and IT the ability to manage the full lifecycle of deploying and managing single, multiple and "composite" container/VM application configurations on any private or public cloud.

While the world's leading technology and web-scale companies like Google, Spotify and eBay deploy and manage millions of containers in production every day directly on the Linux OS kernel, many applications currently have and will continue to have critical non-containerized dependencies. According to Forrester Research, as Docker containers proliferate, developers and operations teams alike will demand management tools that help organize and orchestrate hundreds or thousands of containers.1 CliQr enables both developers and IT organizations to immediately support Docker and other container technologies with full lifecycle management including workflow-driven release management, policy-based governance and access control.

CliQr allows developers to work the way they are most comfortable, sourcing containers from a public or private Docker hub and working within either command-line or UI-driven interfaces. Developers can preserve existing scripts to invoke Docker commands and/or use CliQr's graphical Topology Designer to drag and drop components to create container, or "composite" topologies including other non-containerized applications, middleware, databases and a variety of cloud services such as AWS's RDS and ELB or Google's Cloud SQL. CliQr's platform also makes it easy for developers to determine the best-execution venue for their containerized applications. CloudCenter's benchmarking feature allows containerized and non-containerized applications to be deployed simultaneously across multiple private or public clouds, with different instance size or configurations to determine actual price and performance metrics.

"Docker and CliQr share the same vision," said Tenry Fu, co-founder and CTO at CliQr. "Developers should focus on the application and not the specifics and critical dependencies of the underlying infrastructure. Docker solves the problem at the container level while CliQr solves the problem of orchestrating application topologies comprised of composite containers, VMs and PaaS services."

CliQr's CloudCenter cloud management platform is offered both as traditional onsite dedicated deployment or SaaS subscription. Using CliQr, it has never been easier for developers to create and combine application topologies by selecting one or more container and non-container components from CliQr's Services Pallet and Docker hubs to quickly deploy to any supported cloud. Users can create application topologies by stitching multiple containers together or create advanced real world topologies that include containers and non-containerized services provisioned on cloud VMs. Taking WordPress as an example application, users can simply create, deploy, link and manage containers in the following real world WordPress Docker-based topology configurations:

  • Deploy Docker WordPress and MySQL containers in a single VM
  • Deploy Docker WordPress and MySQL containers in separate VMs
  • Deploy a Docker WordPress container in one VM, and non-containerized MySQL database in a second VM
  • Deploy a Docker WordPress container in one VM, and link to AWS's Relational Database (RDS) cloud service

"Docker has definitely got the attention of developers looking for speed and simplicity," said Mayan Mathen, chief technology officer, SVP at NTT Innovation Institute Inc., a CliQr customer and partner. "But full scale deployment of Linux containers will need to co-exist with non-containerized environments, and meet production requirements that go beyond the need for speed -- areas which the community is still figuring out. CliQr offers a compelling solution that will allow us to support developers' use of Docker containers with the multi-cloud environments that enterprises are seeking."

For IT operations, CliQr provides a single packaged platform to support simple-to-complex environments made-up of a federation of both new and existing non-containerized, containerized, or composite container applications; physical, private and public clouds; and various user groups. CliQr's CloudCenter delivers complete visibility and control to IT with rich runtime management and administrative tools including policy-based governance, role-based access control, release lifecycle management, metering and aggregated financial controls including billing, chargeback and showback.

"In the near future, Linux containers will be first class citizens in enterprise production environments alongside VMs and inside VMs," said Anoj Willy, director of product development at Trace3. "The best thing IT groups can do right now to support developers using containers is to give them support for composite container and VM topologies as IT figures out deployment and management challenges behind the scenes."

For more information about support for Docker, visit the CliQr blog.

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1 Brief: Why Docker Is All The Rage, Dave Bartoletti, Forrester Research, Inc., Oct. 21, 2014. 

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