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June 25, 2013 10:38 ET

CliQr Makes Cloud Benchmarking Available to All Users, Providing Critical Information Needed to Optimize Application Deployments on the Cloud

New Program Enables Businesses to Rapidly Assess Price-Performance Variances by Application Type Amongst Leading Commercial Clouds, Instance Types and Sizes

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2013) -  CliQr Technologies, a leading cloud application management platform enabling businesses to move, manage and secure applications from any physical, virtual or cloud environment to any private, public or hybrid cloud, today announced that it is making its cloud benchmarking feature available to all users at no cost. CliQr is offering this feature to all businesses to help them understand the real-world application price-performance variances that exist amongst the top commercial cloud infrastructure providers, instance types, sizes, and supported architectures. With this information, users can make informed decisions about the deployment of their applications on clouds based on economic or performance objectives. Prior to CliQr, users either had to depend on tuning an application following a completed migration, or attempt to calculate the cost of operating on a cloud with no context of throughput based on performance; neither a viable approach.

Cloud providers and their specific cloud offerings vary considerably by cloud instance, nomenclature, size, supported architectures, available memory, storage, and network. Furthermore, applications vary greatly based on required architecture, infrastructure needs, scalability, and usage characteristics. As a result, it isn't uncommon to observe a two to five-fold performance difference for both job-based (e.g., Hadoop, batch, cluster, etc.), and 24x7 n-tier applications (e.g., web applications). For most use cases, the cost of the cloud is inextricably linked to the available performance, and benchmarking must support the use of actual application workloads and measure price, performance, and the two in context -- the price-performance index.

"Price-performance is a key metric for any business when determining the true benefits of cloud computing," stated ProfitBricks founder and CEO Achim Weiss. "Many cloud buyers focus on price alone, which is a mistake. Tools like CliQr's CloudCenter are making benchmarks easier to conduct, enabling companies to use the best indicator of the total cost of ownership measure, one that combines price and performance." 

"The cloud opens up infinite possibilities to companies, but with so many cloud providers it can be difficult for businesses to compare their options. Understandably, enterprises don't want to just throw their workloads into the public cloud without understanding how they will perform," said William Fellows, research vice president at 451 Research. "CliQr opening its benchmarking technology to everyone is really a game changer for the industry as it will give companies the tools they need to evaluate all of their options and then select the cloud provider that best meets their needs."

"The reality is that not all clouds were created equal," said Gaurav Manglik, CEO and Co-Founder of CliQr Technologies. "All types of infrastructure, operation, and geographic variances can affect an application's performance on a specific cloud environment. On most clouds time is money and because of this diversity, simply using a spreadsheet to assess price-performance is not possible without understanding the application's actual comparative performance on each cloud. How fast does it run? What does it cost? It doesn't get any more straight forward and it couldn't be more important."

With today's announcement, users can select from a series of reference applications and sample data sets covering a variety of use cases including web applications, Hadoop, batch, and cluster, and from one or more clouds and cloud environments to deploy and/or perform a benchmark of referenced applications at no cost. Users can decide to on-board and benchmark their own application(s) across a broader collection of CliQr-supported clouds including Amazon Web Services, HP Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise, OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware, and Google Compute Engine.

CliQr's benchmark feature measures important variables that may differ by application type and provides a detailed report showing the cost to run the job, application performance, and a representation of the best value, which is a combination of both price and performance. Measuring and reporting each of these variables separately enables businesses to make decisions that are aligned with that specific application's economic or performance objectives.

Users can sign up for a CliQr account to perform benchmarking of an application on the cloud by going to

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CliQr Technologies is a leading provider of cloud-application management solutions that enable companies to move, manage, and secure any newly developed or existing application onto any public, private, or hybrid cloud without a costly and complex migration. Unlike other approaches to cloud migration and runtime management, CliQr's innovative CloudCenter enables businesses to onboard once and run anywhere by decoupling a business application from the complexity of the underlying cloud infrastructure without scripting, recoding of applications, or creating virtual machine images. Once on-boarded, CliQr enables applications to be benchmarked across any cloud or cloud configuration, optimizing price-performance by ensuring the application is running on the best cloud environment possible. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, CliQr Technologies is backed by Foundation Capital and Google Ventures. For additional information, please visit

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The CliQr CloudCenter™ platform provides everything businesses need to move, manage, and secure any newly developed or existing application onto any private, public, or hybrid cloud. Unlike other migration tools and approaches, CloudCenter focuses on the application and requires no knowledge of the underlying cloud infrastructure, enabling applications to move fluidly to and portably between any cloud. CloudCenter requires no scripting, no recoding, and no creating VM images. CliQr provides out-of-the-box support for a wide variety of application types such as Big Data/Big Compute (Grid, Batch, Cluster), Web Apps (PHP, .NET, Java), Multi-step Enterprise (Oracle, SAP, SAP Hana) and desktop interactive environments. CloudCenter supports all of the popular private and public clouds including Amazon Web Service® (AWS), Microsoft Azure®, Google Compute Engine® (GCE), Rackspace®, IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise ® (SCE), HP Cloud Services® (HPCS), VMware®, CloudStack®, OpenStack®, and ProfitBricks®, and offers complete portability, without modification, across all private and public clouds.

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