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May 02, 2006 16:20 ET

Clixme Draws Tremendous Interest on Launch

GLASTONBURY, CT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2006 -- De Greko Communication, a wholly owned subsidiary of De Greko Inc. (OTC: DGKO) a holding company that specializes in consolidating revenue-generating companies, today announced that the official launch of its Clixme "click to call" service to US businesses was an overwhelming success.

De Greko CEO Fotis Georgiadis commented on the first day's activities, "We were all very excited about the launch today. By the end of the day we had been contacted from companies all over the world who were trying out the service." Mr. Georgiadis also added that the company had received inquiries from companies in both Europe and Asia inquiring to the availability of the service in both regions. "We were pleased to see that large companies were signing up for the service as well. When GE Healthcare, a division of General Electric, signed up to use the service today we were sure that adoption of Clixme in the Enterprise market was assured."

"We were also contacted by several other large players in the communications industry," said Mr. Georgiadis. "We took a call from Net-2-Phone who expressed interest in using Clixme," he continued. Net-2-phone recently merged into a wholly owned subsidiary of IDT Corporation, a leading VOIP enabler for service providers.


The Company started to receive signups for the service as early as 30 minutes after the launch. "Companies were signing up the entire day," said Mr. Georgiadis. With the service launched, the Company is focusing on the next stage. It plans to deliver a transaction-processing component to the suite of services Clixme provides. Websites using the add-on service will give customers the option to have Clixme call them to accept their credit card information during the checkout process. After receiving the information, Clixme processes the customer's credit card and issues an approval to the transacting website through a special API being developed for the new service. Once the website receives an approval from Clixme that the card has been charged, it notifies the customer and completes the transaction.


Clixme is a state of the art, "click to call" service that allows website visitors to request a call from a website owner or one of their departments by entering their telephone number in the Clixme box. Clixme then immediately calls the telephone number of the website owner alerting them and asking them to accept the call. When they accept the call, Clixme calls the website visitor's telephone number and immediately connects both parties in a live telephone call. "We can deliver customers to a vendor's phone in less than 30 seconds," said Mr. Georgiadis. Businesses can sign up and find out more about Clixme at

To date, Google, Inc. is still beta testing their version of a similar "click to call" service. Information about Google's service can be found at Yesterday, De Greko became the only publicly traded company with this type of service. "The fact that we beat several of the larger players in the space to market shows that our team can act very quickly when opportunity presents itself," said Mr. Georgiadis when asked about how the company came across the idea for Clixme.

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