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Scottish Compensation

February 28, 2011 13:36 ET

'Clock Change Endangers Scottish Roads', Warn Road Accident Claim Group

GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 28, 2011) - The Government's plans to change the clocks and bring about lighter evenings in accordance with European time has sparked concern in Scotland - where the difference in time would mean darker mornings.

Scotland are fighting the change, saying it would mean on the shortest day of the year, they would not see daylight until 9.45am instead of 8.45am under the new plans. This would mean children going to school in darkness and rural workers and businesses would be badly affected and the roads would become a more dangerous place.

Scottish Compensation are concerned about the proposal, because they say Scotland could see a rise in road accidents if the plans go ahead.

A spokesperson for the company, who are specialists in road accident claim advice, says: 'The hive of activity on the roads during the morning would now be in darkness if plans go ahead. Due to more people being on the roads in more hazardous conditions in rural areas with more dangerous country roads, there could be a sharp increase in accidents. It is always important to be careful on the roads but if the change goes ahead, Scots will need to be extra vigilant as this is a huge safety concern'.

Last year, David Cameron said the rest of the country needed to be convinced of the change. However, many Scottish MPs, including MP for Western Isles, Angus Brendan MacNeil feel the Prime Minister is not considering Northern Voters best interests: 'Moving to 'double summer time' for two months of the year, nowhere north of Manchester would see sunlight before 9am' he commented.

The idea behind the move is to boost tourism, which bosses predict would flourish with increased numbers of visitors who would bring with them estimated billions of pounds to help the economy.

Scottish country roads have already suffered from the harsh weather conditions of snow and ice this winter and so are in a perilous state at the moment, without the added complication of darkness.

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