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February 28, 2011 09:00 ET

Cloud Computing and Integration Industry Analysts Share Insights and Advice in New "Expert Blog Series" Sponsored by Hubspan

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - February 28, 2011) - Hubspan, the leading provider of cloud-scale B2B integration solutions, is hosting an exclusive series of articles written by prominent integration and cloud industry analysts. Over the course of the next few months, these industry experts will provide insights and discuss trends on extending IT infrastructure, eCommerce, business process management and B2B integration. Featured on the Hubspan Hubbub Blog, the "Expert Blog Series" launched with its first expert posts from Aaron Goldberg, a former IDC analyst and IT industry veteran, and Michael Canniff, a professor at University of Pacific with strong experience in integration and eCommerce. 

"Our goal is to step away from a product discussion and really focus on the key trends and challenges companies are facing in the market today, and provide a third-party expert view of how IT and business leaders can better understand those trends and solve their challenges," said Margaret Dawson, vice president of marketing and product management, Hubspan. 

The first four Expert Blog Series include:

Extending Current IT Infrastructure to the Cloud
By Aaron Goldberg, former IDC analyst

  • Aaron is a renowned industry and marketing analyst in the information technology industry, spending more than 30 years working with senior executive management at IT vendors. He is a staff member at Ziff Davis Enterprise, and is well known for his succinct and realistic style, and his ability to distill the key issues for IT customers.

The Emergence of B2B Business Process
By Mike Canniff, Professor, University of Pacific, Eberhardt School of Business

  • Mike is a faculty member of Management Information Systems at the University of Pacific and a Senior Partner with Mercury Consulting. His career research has focused on the areas of enterprise application integration and electronic commerce systems. In addition to academia, Mike spent many years in private industry, including implementing cross product XML integration standards at PeopleSoft.

B2B Cloud Integration: Combining B2B Integration with Leading Industry-Specific Solutions
By Jeff Kaplan, Managing Director, THINKstrategies

  • Jeff is the founder of THINKstrategies, a consultancy that addresses IT management and sourcing issues facing enterprise organizations, solutions providers and venture capital firms as the technology industry shifts from a product-centric to a services-driven business model. Jeff has over 25 years of experience, and is a recognized expert in IT/network management, SaaS, managed services, cloud computing, telecommunications and outsourcing trends.

B2B eCommerce and Integration
By Tim Clark of FactPoint Group

  • Tim is a partner at the FactPoint Group, a boutique Silicon Valley-based research, publishing and consulting firm specializing in the early adoption of new technologies. Prior to FactPoint, Tim was vice president at Net Market Makers, a Berkeley-based firm that did pioneering B2B research and market development.

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