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Cloud Income Properties

August 06, 2015 14:09 ET

Cloud Income Properties Opens First Web 2.0 Real Estate Market so Investors Can Grab Their Slice of the Internet Pie

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - Aug 6, 2015) - Jeff Fagin, the Chairman of Cloud Income Properties (, wants investors to know something: The next big wave of real estate investing has arrived, and it involves prime web 2.0 real estate, not houses.

Following two years of beta testing to masterfully architect a proven and timeless model, Cloud Income Properties is rolling out their new internet real estate market for cash-flow-hungry investors that are seeking a new Asset Class to buy into: Established websites that are already generating significant cash flow.

Cloud Income Properties identifies, evaluates, buys, and manages already proven and successful web-based businesses for themselves and for their clients. But this new Asset Class is now being made available to the general public as well as to Wall Street.

With this new system, no longer do investors have to scour business plans seeking the ideal and turn-key "business-in-a-box." Such investments typically come with numerous caveats, like upkeep, payroll and associated taxes, liability insurance, turnover, downtime and substantial upfront as well as ongoing capital injection, to name a few.

Rather, with the new Cloud System that is being unveiled by Cloud Income Properties, investors will be able to use their capital to invest in successful online businesses that are generating significant revenue, are turn-key and are entirely hands-off. With this new system, revenue can be earned month-to-month, and without the fear of the typical business failing or requiring ongoing revenue injection.

"I've been an Internet Marketer for 20 years and have successfully sold hundreds of millions of dollars online," stated Alex Mandossian, CEO of "As one of the Board of Advisors of Cloud Income properties, I've transformed from an online marketer to an online investor. The timing to own revenue generating websites is right now. Compared to any other option today, cash-producing websites already in existence beat start-up websites, hands-down."

Cloud Income Properties is currently in the process of finalizing a "Special Report" that every person who has idle funds or retirement accounts -- and needs a lot more immediate cash flow -- will definitely want to download and read. This "Special Report" may be the missing link between many Americans' dreams of retirement and actually having the cash flow to do it, enabling them to own their own cash-generating, white picket fence in the online real estate market.

"The demand for cash flowing websites is incredible," Fagin said. "As soon as someone hears about them, if they qualify, they want the monthly income streams that these assets provide. Managed by a world class team, not only does the income grow, but so does the value of their Asset Class. Once they buy their website, they get cash flow and appreciation forever. It's a beautiful thing."

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Cloud Income Properties was formed to create a world class team of internet professionals who excel at all phases of finding, evaluating, buying, managing and growing already proven websites that are for sale worldwide on a daily basis. Once purchased and improved by Cloud, these websites are then made available to private individuals or institutions looking for cash flow from quality websites that are professionally managed for them.

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