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May 17, 2010 10:00 ET

Cloud Leverage Unveils Cloud Acceleration to Speed Application Performance Across the Internet

Unlike Typical Content Delivery Networks, Cloud Leverage Cloud Acceleration Fixes the Inherent Problems of the Internet to Ensure Consistent, Reliable and Quality Delivery of Content

ASHEVILLE, NC--(Marketwire - May 17, 2010) -

News Facts:

  • Cloud Leverage today announces the availability of its Cloud Acceleration solution that provides the global infrastructure needed by all enterprises to increase revenue through improved Internet application reliability and performance.

  • Cloud Leverage Cloud Acceleration offers greater performance benefits than typical Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). The solution does not rely on edge caching to improve application response time across the Internet. Edge caching is only effective for entire objects that can be stored close to the user but falls short with dynamic or live content. Cloud Leverage's solution quantifiably boosts the performance of any website, as well as applications such as: e-commerce, SaaS, VoIP, CIFS, interactive marketing, e-learning, rich media, video conferencing, online television, and content aggregation.

  • Today's Web applications require constant server/client interaction. By offloading connection management from Web servers to the Cloud Leverage platform, companies can reduce server costs by up to 80 percent.

  • Cloud Leverage Cloud Acceleration proactively scales edge server resources to meet the usage demands that customers place on Web operations in real time. This flexible capacity model enables greater cost-efficiency in operation, reduces the overall costs of managing a website and improves site performance. End-users receive the
    consistent, high quality Web experience they demand, resulting in higher customer loyalty rates, lower operational costs and enhanced brand equity.

  • Instead of patching the problem, Cloud Leverage fixes the inherent problems of the Internet such as packet loss, latency and jitter by:

    • 32-Global Node Network: Cloud Leverage features a private, global network of 32 interconnected nodes. Each node features multiple carriers and vast amounts of bandwidth.

    • Directing Peering: The Cloud Acceleration solution uses direct peering to connect content provider networks to delivery networks, bypassing backbone providers that create congestion.

    • Limit Edge Caching: Cloud Leverage disables edge caching, if possible, to minimize the problems when content becomes stale, corrupt or fails to update. 

    • Optimize Traffic: The Cloud Acceleration solution utilizes TCP acceleration, adaptive forward error correction (FEC), real-time packet order correction (POC) to optimize all traffic delivered via Cloud Leverage's global footprint.

    • Byte-level de-duplication is the most critical component in offering extreme performance improvements. It is similar to caching, but for dynamic content which cannot normally be cached. Cloud Leverage is able to retain a cache of very frequently transmitted objects from client applications, but only caches at the byte level instead of the object level. Thus, Cloud Leverage can detect byte-level changes which are then used to prevent complete retransmissions of dynamic and live content, dramatically boosting performance across the Internet. 

    • Install Origin Appliance: Cloud Leverage also offers the option to install an origin appliance that begins optimizing traffic close to the origin server. The "first mile" to the network is accelerated.

  • Read more at the Cloud Leverage blog and learn how Cloud Leverage believes dynamic content is forcing companies to demand a new content delivery solution: 


  • "Dynamic content and media are pushing the limits of the Internet, which was originally designed for research, not performance," said Jonathan Hoppe, Cloud Leverage's president and CTO. "Today, businesses of any size need to leverage the Internet's efficiencies for a wide variety of uses -- VoIP, e-commerce, SaaS, interactive e-learning, live broadcasts, secure operational and financial transactions, and the list goes on. All of this requires dynamic, interactive content to be delivered efficiently, securely and quickly because customers will abandon poorly performing online sites and applications. That simply equates to lost revenues -- no matter the industry or type of business." 

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Cloud Leverage, Inc. is the global cloud performance platform that provides businesses the ability to stretch and accelerate traditional, centralized Web content to meet the speed and reliability requirements of a demanding Internet audience. By utilizing Cloud Leverage's global 32-data center footprint and proprietary transport acceleration network, organizations can significantly secure, extend and enhance internal or third-party cloud applications all while improving their data center ROI. Cloud Leverage is a privately held company headquartered in Asheville, NC. To learn more, please visit

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