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February 14, 2012 12:10 ET

CloudFloor DNS Improves NetMon, Providing Industry's Fastest Failover

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - Feb 14, 2012) - CloudFloor DNS, the leading international provider of managed DNS and domain name services, announced that they have greatly improved their NetMon capabilities and have implemented several key back end improvements to benefit customers. These capabilities will greatly reduce failover response and alert time, saving customers valuable time and money.

Included in the improvements is a new multi-threaded testing engine deployed on all NetMon nodes. This new testing engine is significantly faster than the old monitoring scripts. A new multi-threaded approach runs many tests simultaneously and now uses a pool of "master" servers to retrieve XML data, detailing tests to be performed instead of a direct database connection. This translates into faster, more resilient, and more efficient performance.

Additionally, most test types have been enhanced in some way by these improvements. There is a new DNS "experience" test type that shows how public DNS might perform in a given scenario.

"Building a new monitoring infrastructure from the ground up was a pleasure. Based on the years of experience with our original platform, we re-built our software setting such lofty goals as 'failover within 10 seconds', 'instant DNS failover propagation', and 'real-time as-it-happens alerting' as well as setting the foundation for new functionality. I'm pleased to say the system is meeting or exceeding all expectations," said Paul Smith, Technical Director of CloudFloor DNS.

Also with these improvements, Syslog and Android notifications can now be sent to end users and new "best effort" test intervals run at 10 second intervals, enabling almost instant fault detection and fail-over. In fact, by the time a notice is received that fail-over has even occurred because of an incident, the site can be safely back up and running due to the real-time response of CloudFloor DNS.

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