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April 01, 2014 09:00 ET

CloudLock Extends World's Most Trusted Data Security and Compliance Solution to Salesforce

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwired - Apr 1, 2014) - CloudLock, the leading cloud information security provider, announced today the general availability for CloudLock for Salesforce.

This newly released solution allows enterprises to enforce their data security policies and address regulatory compliance, encryption, and operational security needs, without requiring invasive in-band network blocking, reverse proxy, or gateway appliances. CloudLock for Salesforce provides a complete Salesforce, Salesforce Files, and Chatter auditing and compliance solution.

Salesforce customers can monitor and secure their data automatically and continuously securing all of their objects, alerting on data extraction events, and highlighting sensitive data such as PII, PCI, intellectual property, financial information, and other business-critical assets, all at scale.

"Organizations adopting Salesforce are doing so across their organization," says CloudLock founder Gil Zimmermann. "As their use of the cloud grows, so does the need for a scalable security solution that can do more than simply audit and report on potential exposures. CIO's are looking for ways to reduce risk through action."

The combination of CloudLock's sophisticated Compliance Scan technology with its Policy Engine protection allows organizations to enforce their acceptable use policies instantly, across their entire Salesforce environment. Used in conjunction, organizations can securely measure and promote the vision of a truly social enterprise -- while ensuring that their most critical data is not leaving the organization when staff depart, or inadvertently being publicly exposed.

The Evolving Importance of Data Security to Salesforce Customers

Forrester Research, Inc. researcher Michael Yamnitsky, writing on the critical steps required to protect data in the public cloud, notes that "with a set of policies in place, technology management must open visibility into what types of data are being used within cloud apps and how. Today's cloud business applications lack such features."1 CloudLock's new solution for Salesforce closes this gap, solving data discovery and control requirements across the entire Salesforce environment.

User behavior is the primary driver for data exposures: the inadvertent Chatter post that contains sensitive information, the departing sales representative who exports customer data, and the intentional breach all exist on the same spectrum and need to be visible and controllable.

In response to these risks, organizations need to define a framework for building and operating information security, in a way that addresses the differences that the social enterprise model brings, providing content awareness, location-aware access auditing, and protection of both intellectual property and customer data privacy.

The principles of security have not changed, but user behavior in Salesforce often centers around collaboration, and information detection and classification policies need to evolve to ensure that sensitive or regulated information is not being exposed as a result of that activity. For the first time, CloudLock is making this possible for Salesforce customers.

About CloudLock

CloudLock is the cloud data security company. Its information security applications enable organizations to enforce regulatory, operational, and security compliance in public cloud platforms. The largest organizations in the world trust CloudLock to secure their data in the cloud, increase collaboration, and reduce their risk. For more information about the company or reseller opportunities visit or follow CloudLock on Twitter @CloudLock.

1 Report Name: Protect Your Data in the Cloud, Forrester Research, published March 13, 2014.