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December 03, 2014 09:00 ET

CloudLock Security Fabric Transforms Cloud Security Into a Business Enabler

Cloud-Native Security Fabric Allows Organizations to Securely Embrace Google Apps, Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, ServiceNow and Other Cloud Apps

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2014) - Today CloudLock is unveiling the CloudLock Security Fabric, a transformative unified cloud security solution that allows organizations to fully embrace the benefits of public cloud applications securely and in a completely non-invasive way. The Fabric extends cloud security capabilities for the more than five million enterprise users and the 15 billion data points analyzed daily by CloudLock's existing solutions. Focused on providing security insight across data, users and apps, the API-based, cloud-native architecture does not treat the cloud as a problem but as a business enabler. Contrary to traditional man-in-the-middle approaches, the SaaS-based CloudLock Security Fabric deploys in minutes, without requiring any hardware, agents or changes to the network environment.

The cloud economy continues to change the way users collaborate and how data is shared, and the adoption of public cloud applications shows no signs of slowing. Forrester projects that global public cloud purchases will grow from $72 billion in 2014 to $191 billion in 2020 (Source: Forrester, April 2014 - "The Public Cloud Market is Now in Hypergrowth"). While the cloud offers clear business productivity opportunities, organizations are seeking new approaches to secure sensitive corporate data.

"With CloudLock, companies have one unified security dashboard for their cloud apps", said Gil Zimmermann, co-founder and CEO of CloudLock. "CloudLock is the cloud security backbone that transforms the way companies can adopt the cloud and support users, all while keeping their company's data secure."

The CloudLock Security Fabric gives organizations the visibility and control they need to protect sensitive data -- payment card information (PCI), protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property (IP) -- across a number of public cloud apps such as Google Apps, Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, ServiceNow and more than 9,000 connected cloud apps. CloudLock continuously monitors these apps in real time and detects and responds to security risk such as oversharing, inadvertent exposure, malicious data extraction and cyberthreats. The solution empowers organizations with a number of CloudLock SmartActions™ or suggested behaviors to remediate security incidents in real time. For example, a policy violation could trigger end users to selectively encrypt sensitive information in files they have shared with external collaborators.

The CloudLock Security Fabric consists of eight core cloud security services:

  • Content Analysis - continuously monitors structured and unstructured sensitive data (e.g. credit card information, social security numbers) in real time.
  • Context Analysis - analyzes documents and files for sensitive information based on file ownership, sharing and access patterns.
  • User Behavior Monitoring - monitors user activity to detect potential anomalies and significant changes that may suggest malicious behavior.
  • Policy Automation - detects if sensitive data such as IP, PCI, PHI and PII is being shared inappropriately within and outside of the organization.
  • Central Auditing - tracks user access and records an audit trail of all actions performed.
  • Incident Management - centrally manages and investigates incidents across an organization's public cloud portfolio.
  • Encryption Management - empowers end users to selectively encrypt sensitive information based on individual files or fully automated policy escalations.
  • Security Analytics - delivers security insight of key cloud security indicators across an organization's cloud portfolio.

Unlike man-in-the-middle approaches, CloudLock's API-based cloud-native solution helps organizations protect their cloud environments directly in the cloud without forcing them to funnel traffic through gateways or reverse-proxy configurations, greatly enhancing time to value and accuracy. CloudLock not only continuously monitors cloud apps for security issues from the time of deployment but can also flag incidents retroactively as far back as the time the original cloud app was deployed.

CloudLock Security Fabric ships with the following APIs:

  • CloudLock AppConnect API - connects to cloud apps natively, i.e. deploys in a matter of minutes without requiring agents, gateways or any reconfiguration of existing networks.
  • CloudLock Enterprise API - easily integrates with back-end systems to leverage CloudLock's real-time security intelligence for use in an organization's mission-critical systems such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and ticketing solutions.

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