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March 27, 2007 02:00 ET

Cloudmark Announces Mobile Partner Program to Protect Subscribers From Mobile Security Threats

Cloudmark's Comprehensive Messaging Security Solution Addresses the Threat of Spam, Phishing and Virus Attacks Targeted at Mobile Subscribers and Service Providers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 27, 2007 -- CTIA Wireless 2007 -- Cloudmark, Inc., the proven leader in carrier-grade messaging security, today announced the Cloudmark Mobile Partner Program, an extension of the company's ongoing commitment to protecting customers against all kinds of messaging abuse across all mediums with the most accurate and efficient solutions available today. By leveraging partnerships with mobile industry leaders, the Mobile Partner Program enables Cloudmark to provide wireless service providers combating SMS and MMS spam, mobile email and malware attacks with an end-to-end messaging security platform. In February, Cloudmark announced Cloudmark Authority for Mobile Operators, a carrier-grade platform designed to block all forms of current and future mobile threats. Today, the company protects more than 20 million mobile SMS/text messaging users from attacks originating from the Internet.

Cloudmark's mobile strategy comes at a time when business users and consumers are increasingly using mobile devices for email access and 95 percent of all email messages are spam, phishing or viruses. Targeted attacks are also likely to grow as consumers adopt mobile banking and payment services, opening the door to a new breed of mobile fraud and identity theft. For mobile subscribers, threats like SMS spam and mobile phishing can be intrusive and costly, interrupting consumers at any time and potentially causing them to incur charges for unwanted messages or unintentional calls to premium rate numbers. Mobile abuses also pose urgent operational concerns for mobile carriers who may not be fully protected against SMS flooding the network or viruses embedded in MMS messages, which can impact an operator's overall quality of service and lead to customer churn.

"As the propagators of messaging abuse become increasingly orchestrated and sophisticated, many industry experts predict that SMS and MMS abuse will spike significantly in the next two years and potentially grow faster than email abuses," said Jacinta Tobin, vice president of sales and business development at Cloudmark. "Cloudmark is extending our solution to protect against all sources of wireless spam, phishing and viruses. The result is a single, comprehensive and cost-effective engine capable of protecting against all types of existing and future abuses and scalable enough to meet the high-volume security needs of global wireless service providers. Together with our mobile infrastructure partners, we are working towards a holistic solution to the rapidly expanding universe of mobile messaging threats."

Based upon a unique and powerful combination of intelligent fingerprinting algorithms and real-time, corroborated data from the company's Global Threat Network, Cloudmark is able to quickly and effectively detect spam, phishing and virus attacks in any form, format or language and even mutated threats. Cloudmark was built specifically with the needs of mobile and Internet service providers in mind and with an architecture that makes it uniquely positioned to protect against emerging mobile threats.

For example, SMS attacks are, by definition, short messages with little content to analyze and are often sent to a small, targeted number of subscribers. However, heuristics and rules based solutions look for recurring patterns within a message or trends, but overlook targeted attacks with limited data. Because Cloudmark does not rely on static rules or message volume thresholds to identify abuse, its solutions are better able to protect against sophisticated Internet or mobile network originated attacks. In addition, because Cloudmark Authority provides a single solution for all types of messaging abuse and is capable of quickly scanning every category of abuse at near wire-speed, operators benefit from enhanced protection with lower total cost of ownership. Today, Cloudmark Authority protects mobile operators against threats from internal or external mobile networks, as well as all categories of mobile messaging abuse from the Internet, with more than 98 percent accuracy.

Cloudmark currently has several mobile partners, including Anam Mobile, provider of mobile messaging infrastructures, and is actively seeking additional partners for integration with the company's messaging solutions to meet the needs of GSM and CDMA operators worldwide. The Cloudmark Mobile Partner Program includes a set of product APIs, testing guidelines, documentation and best practice procedures that facilitate the integration of a very diverse set of third-party solutions into the Cloudmark Authority for Mobile Operators platform.

"There is an increasing threat of mobile messaging abuse from which mobile subscribers expect protection from their wireless service providers," said Glen Murray, president of worldwide sales and marketing at Anam. "For providers, the ability to intercept these threats before they reach subscribers will be as important a factor in retaining subscriber loyalty as traditional factors such as overall network performance and quality of service. After examining many of the approaches available today, we firmly believe that Cloudmark offers an intelligent, best-of-breed solution and look forward to working together to provide customers with effective mobile messaging protection."

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