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January 16, 2007 10:00 ET

Cloudmark Emerges as Messaging Security Leader Among Top ISPs in 2006

Global Momentum, Innovations and Major Service Provider Wins Distinguish Cloudmark

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 16, 2007 -- Cloudmark, Inc., the preferred provider of messaging anti-abuse solutions to ISPs, has substantially increased its market share in the multi-billion dollar email security market, adding over 130 million new mailboxes to its user base in 2006. This increase is greater than that of all of Cloudmark's competitors combined, including Symantec Brightmail. Cloudmark won a series of major deals, more than doubling its revenues over the previous year. With the industry's only solution architected specifically for high-volume service provider networks, Cloudmark now provides messaging security to six of the top ten ISPs in North America while continuing to expand its reach and leadership worldwide.

Spam, phishing, viruses and other unwanted mail account for more than 90% of the 100 billion messages now sent daily. Service providers in particular feel most acutely the pain of messaging abuse. No longer just a nuisance, messaging abuse threatens subscriber retention and drives up operational and capital equipment costs. The growth in abusive messages has overwhelmed legacy anti-spam filters and served as a catalyst for service providers to adopt Cloudmark's solutions. Cloudmark CEO Hugh McCartney attributes the company's rapid ascent to remaining one step ahead of emerging email threats and specifically addressing the unique challenges of the service provider business.

"Cloudmark sales grew dramatically in 2006 because we deliver the most effective solution for fighting all forms of messaging abuse. In worldwide trials, we have consistently unseated the incumbent provider by demonstrating significantly higher accuracy and improved efficiency. The rise in volume of messaging abuse is a huge concern for service providers, impacting subscriber satisfaction and the overall cost of doing business," said McCartney. "We expect to see the volume and sophistication of spam, phishing and viruses continue to grow in 2007, making it even more critical for service providers to use better ways to protect their core assets from these threats."

2006 Milestones

In addition to emerging as the clear leader among North American ISPs, Cloudmark reached other significant milestones that have separated it from the competition.

Financials: 110% increase in annual revenues over FY 2005 and cash flow positive

Market Coverage: Over 180 million mailboxes protected globally; Cloudmark now checks over 3.5 billion messages daily

Expanded US Tier 1 Penetration: Cloudmark has become the de facto standard having displaced legacy systems at 6 out of 10 top US service providers

Continued Japanese Market Dominance: Customers include 8 of 10 top ISPs in Japan

Growing Global Footprint: Cloudmark now has over 60 service providers worldwide with new wins in Europe and Asia

Proven Best in Independent Trials: Tolly Group Labs tests showed Cloudmark to be 21% more accurate than Symantec Brightmail

First to Detect and Stop Emerging Threats: Consistently the first to respond against new attacks such as VoIP phishing, rapidly-evolving viruses and changes in the phishing marketplace

Intelligent Design Stops Future Threats

Cloudmark's solution for service providers, Cloudmark Authority™, was designed to target both existing and new classes of messaging threats such as image spam, virus mutations and zombie attacks without the need for solution re-architecture or the addition of complex rule-sets. Cloudmark founder Vipul Ved Prakash stated that Cloudmark's success in the service provider market is a testament to the flexibility and adaptability of its technology.

"Our solution was architected to stop all forms of messaging threats with the highest speed and accuracy," Prakash noted. "As new threats emerge in the market, our intelligent message fingerprinting together with the world's largest threat detection network is able to identify and stop them before anyone else. We don't rely on static rules or heuristics that can quickly become outdated and burdensome for service providers processing hundreds of millions of messages per day."

About Cloudmark, Inc.

Cloudmark, Inc. delivers the industry's fastest and most accurate anti-spam, anti-phishing, and anti-virus solutions. Founded in 2001 by pioneers in messaging anti-abuse, Cloudmark architected an innovative approach combining intelligent message fingerprinting with the world's largest real-time threat detection network. Cloudmark solutions protect more than 180 million mailboxes and 60 ISP networks worldwide with customers and partners including NTT Communications, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Vodafone, SUN. A privately-held, San Francisco-based company, Cloudmark's comprehensive portfolio addresses the unique needs of Service Provider, enterprise and desktop users. For more information about Cloudmark, visit

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