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December 15, 2006 12:54 ET

Cloudmark's Industry Leading Anti-Virus Solution Gains Rapid Traction as Fastest, Most Accurate Solution for Service Providers

Zero-Hour Threat Detection Stops Virus Outbreaks Orders of Magnitude Faster Than Legacy Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 15, 2006 -- Messaging security leader Cloudmark, Inc. announced today that its anti-virus solution has consistently blocked new virus strains and variants faster and more accurately than competing solutions since its release in March. Along with the anti-spam and anti-phishing capabilities in its comprehensive Cloudmark Authority™ solution, Cloudmark's anti-virus protection leverages a high-performance architecture and threat detection methodology specifically designed for service provider networks. More than 50 of the world's largest ISPs are currently using Cloudmark Authority to combat viruses, spam, and phishing. Cloudmark Authority Anti-Virus, a new module that delivers specific protection against all virus formats, has been adopted by close to a dozen service providers.

"We began offering a broad range of anti-virus capabilities at the beginning of the year to round out our end-to-end messaging security solutions for service providers and it has quickly become a compelling differentiator for us," says Vipul Prakash, Founder and Chief Scientist of Cloudmark. "By blocking new threats and variants in minutes versus the hours or even days of competitive solutions, we are able to prevent viruses from infecting a large number of machines and potentially impacting service availability."

The Value of Real-time Response

Every minute that a new virus is allowed to propagate across a service provider's network can cause exponentially more subscribers to be affected and, in turn, lead to service degradation and customer dissatisfaction. Messaging infrastructure providers are increasingly focusing on speed in containing new threats as critical to an effective anti-virus strategy.

"Our customers report that Cloudmark has blocked every new virus and done so significantly faster than any other solution," says Ken Simpson, CEO of Mail Channels, a Cloudmark OEM partner. "Cloudmark's effectiveness and accuracy are at an unprecedented level. Unlike traditional solutions, Cloudmark blocks viruses before they hit mailboxes, completely eliminating the virus problem for our customers."

Intelligent Message Fingerprinting for Viruses

Cloudmark Authority Anti-Virus is able to block new viruses, worms and mutated threats faster than traditional or other "zero-hour" AV solutions by virtue of Cloudmark's unique intelligent message fingerprinting algorithms. These algorithms generate fingerprints on messages and attachments for real-time identification of viruses and other threats. If a single message is found containing a verified virus fingerprint, it will be blocked.

Cloudmark's approach contrasts dramatically with systems that rely on rules or heuristics that tend to be time and resource consuming, or pattern detection that actually requires witnessing a certain volume of incidents to spread before starting to block. The latter also leads to large amounts of false positives since legitimate newsletters and mass mailings may be blocked as well.

New classes of email viruses and worms are more sophisticated, spreading rapidly and evolving into variants that stay one step ahead of competitive anti-virus solutions. Cloudmark anti-virus fingerprints are resistant to mutations, such as changes in content, sender, URL, and other attributes, so virus variants are detected and stopped immediately.

Greater Resource Efficiency

Cloudmark's approach utilizes 1/10th of the system resources of traditional rules-based anti-virus solutions. Since scanning for all threat types is performed concurrently on the same platform, there is less drain on resources than with separate anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-phishing solutions. In addition, Authority is uniquely able to process messages at near wire-speed since messages are scanned against an in-memory cache of verified virus fingerprints rather than heavy rule-sets.

"The low overhead and fast performance of Cloudmark's solution have enabled us to drastically reduce the number of servers required to run our anti-abuse solution," says Mark Herbert, founder and director of intY, a leading European provider of email and Internet services. "Prior to Cloudmark, new anti-virus rules released by the vendor would drive up CPU utilization in an unpredictable manner."

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Cloudmark, Inc. delivers the industry's fastest and most accurate anti-spam, anti-phishing, and anti-virus solutions. Founded in 2001 by pioneers in messaging anti-abuse, Cloudmark architected an innovative approach combining intelligent message fingerprinting with the world's largest real-time threat detection network. Cloudmark solutions protect more than 120 million mailboxes and 50+ ISP networks worldwide with customers and partners including NTT Communications, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Vodafone, SUN. A privately held, San Francisco-based company, Cloudmark's comprehensive portfolio addresses the unique needs of Service Provider, enterprise and desktop users. For more information about Cloudmark, visit

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