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March 11, 2015 09:00 ET

CloudReplica® Reports an Alarming Trend Requiring a Record Number of Customer Recoveries

Catastrophes Are Not Limited to Floods, Hurricanes and Earthquakes; Smaller Outages Happen More Frequently, Can Have Large Operational Impact, and Can Be Just as Unpredictable

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Mar 11, 2015) - CloudReplica, a pioneer in Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), announced today that they have seen a dramatic uptick in the number of recoveries it has performed over the past three month reporting period. "Most companies who use our CloudReplica service are trying to mitigate risk from natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods," said Jo Stergiou, CloudReplica's Service Delivery Manager.

While the most of the US has experienced severe storms this season, companies must also contend with local attacks and outages more frequently. The average IT group is facing a growing number impact scenario they must plan for and more importantly, have a practiced recovery scenario for. Disasters now just come in different packages and there is a new level of diligence for instant recovery.

Stergiou goes on, "We have routinely responded to our customers over the past 5 years with a variety of issues. One customer required a recovery after a "statistically impossible" hardware failure occurred. This customer had two hard disks fail in a RAID set which was running J.D. Edwards on an Oracle database and they were completely out. We immediately failed the customer over to their CloudReplica and their ERP system kept running without interruption. We are however witnessing an acceleration of new threats to a larger number of our customers and their most critical operations."

CloudReplica has seen these new disruptive risks emerging at an alarming rate.

Just a few examples of recoveries which could have severely devastated the operational capacity of our customers:

Threat   Disruption   Resolution
"Cryptolocker"   Locked companies files -- held ransom for payment   Immediately recovered a real-time "known good" state server image
Disgruntled Employee   Intellectual property destruction   Recovered all deleted file shares, emails, and attachments
"CryptoWall"   300,000 + critical files corrupted   All 300,000 file recovered averting loss of operations
Hardware Failure   Simultaneous drive failures -- Database server gone   Database server failed over and continued operation until new infrastructure was procured
Email Failure   Exchange Database corrupted   Recovered Exchange to a good known point in time
Virtual Machine loss   Windows update -- virtual server would not boot   Server was recovered to a safe known state

Chuck Galvan, Director of Business Development, commented, "Many of our prospective customers have been holding their collective breath since Hurricane Ike impacted them and they are now hoping to dodge another bullet this hurricane season. Many are now realizing the benefit of having a Disaster Recovery offering like CloudReplica for outages, big and small. When we perform Disaster Recovery tests for our customers we always find something that they may have been overlooked but is necessary for a successful recovery."

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