Clovys TV

Clovys TV

April 17, 2009 08:33 ET

Clovys TV: A Festive and Gathering Launch!

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - April 17, 2009) - Last January, a press release revealed that CLOVYS TV was granted a license. Yesterday, only three months after this news, the cultural industries as well as the media have reunited at the TELUS Theater to celebrate the arrival of this new channel specialized in urban culture. The event, which was hosted by Angelo Cadet, gathered people into a festive manner. The goal was not only to officially present the channel but to enlighten the cultural industries about CLOVYS TV TV's vision for the future.

What is CLOVYS TV?

CLOVYS TV is the first and only multi-platform French Canadian television channel devoted to the urban culture. Its programs consist of urban music and world music such as: Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Soul, Dance-hall, Zouk, Reggae, Soca, Compa, Rai, Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Coupe Decale, etc. Furthermore, it presents entertainment and informative shows such as: "current cultural news, independent films, reality television, humorous skits, show broadcasts, etc".

According to Jean-Yves Roux, CEO and founder of the channel, CLOVYS TV is more than just music "the urban scene needed to be given its due exposure by very good media support, allowing it to reveal and establish itself as an important movement. I have been honored by the CRTC which recognized and understood that a void in the television world needed to be filled. An important collective step forward towards the future is now taking place".

The talented team did not waste any time to find the ways to demonstrate that they were more than ready to take over the airwaves fall. A breath taking decor and detailed visual presentations enabled us to capture the project's magnitude. Moreover, the brilliantly produced trailer, starring 14 celebrity ambassadors of the channel was premiered. In an individual fashion, Rachid Badouri, Luck Mervil, Angelo Cadet, Imposs, Samian, Melanie Renaud, Sans Pression, Maria Esther Sanz, Karim (Syncop), Stephane Moraille, Jodie Resther, Gage, Boogat and Empire Isis all revealed what CLOVYS TV represented to them.

For Michel Zgarka, Chairman of the Board of CMG Corp. and President of CLOVYS TV, there is one thing we must keep in mind "There are no colors but only talent. CLOVYS TV will be a channel of inclusion. This channel will allow a generation to display its skills and convey that today's multicultural youth has great potential and talent".

The musical content of the television channel was revealed, but one must wait until the official launch of its programs this fall to learn more details about the shows that will be presented "For now, I can only tell you that we have nice surprises ahead. Hard work will be done to always present original and avant-gardes content" said Jean-Yves Roux.

Music and much more...

The night revealed many pleasant surprises and artistic talent along with the participation of Bad News Brown, Monk-e Naturel and DJ Godfather D. But the moment that surprised everyone was to see the lively group Dubmatique back on stage. Many years after the group' separation, the legendary duo decided to come together in order to make the arrival of CLOVYS TV a memorable one.

CLOVYS TV wants to thank its precious partners such as: TELUS, Solotech, JD International, Vision Concept, Groupe Style Communications, Readbull, Ricard, Altair, Kalalu, Flap Flap, Artisan Parfumeur, Lumi-ere Media, Urban Fashion and the TELUS Theater.

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