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February 02, 2010 09:00 ET

CLS Investments Launches "Client-Centered Planning" for Advisors

Solution Encompasses Wealth Accumulation, Pre-Retirement, Income and Protection

OMAHA, NE--(Marketwire - February 2, 2010) - CLS Investments, LLC, one of the largest third-party money managers in the U.S., is excited to announce the launch of its Client-Centered Planning solution for advisors. The solution significantly expands CLS Investments' offering, enabling advisors to provide clients with long-term strategies for every stage of life and market environment.

"Client-Centered Planning is based on the fundamental principles of financial planning," said Todd P. Clarke, President of CLS Investments. "Our intention is to help advisors systematically identify their client's primary investment goals, select their preferred investment vehicle, and then provide a strategy that is personalized for each client's money management needs, be it wealth accumulation, protection, pre-retirement or income."

Client-Centered Planning uses CLS Investments' core Risk Budgeting methodology. Risk budgeting manages the level of risk within a portfolio, even as market conditions change. Each client's risk budget is determined according to their personal financial goals, capacity for risk, and investment time horizon. After a portfolio's risk budget is assigned, that risk cannot be over-spent or under-used.

As part of this new offering, CLS Investments expanded its line of AdvisorOne Funds. The Funds are a no-load, low-minimum family that are combined to create Risk Budgeted portfolios for clients. The new Funds are: AdvisorOne Enhanced Income Fund (CLEIX), AdvisorOne Flexible Income Fund (CLFLX), and AdvisorOne Select Appreciation Fund (SLACX ).

Key features and benefits of Client-Centered Planning include:

--  Wealth Accumulation. For clients whose primary goal is to grow their
    portfolio according to their personal risk budget. Actively manages
    client portfolios through multiple investment vehicles, depending on
    preference, including the CLS Investments AdvisorOne mutual funds,
    ETFs and variable annuities.

--  Pre-retirement. Combines multiple AdvisorOne Funds for investors within
    10 years of retirement. As the investor nears his or her retirement
    date, the risk budget of the portfolio gradually drops and the
    allocation to a fund providing protection gradually increases.

--  Income. Maximize steady income from a client's current assets. Seeks to
    maximize income and enhance protection of principal against severe
    market declines. Also provides the opportunity to increase assets and
    boost regular income payments if market conditions foster growth.

--  Protection. Uses a dynamic allocation model that allows portions of a
    portfolio to be fully invested in ETFs when the market is up, but
    traded for Zero Coupon Bonds when extended market declines threaten

--  Master Manager. A separate accounts strategy that creates
    highly-customized portfolios of individual stocks, bonds, and ETFs.
    Provides flexible solutions ideally suited for investors with larger
    portfolio values looking for a separate account solution to provide
    special tax considerations and greater flexibility over typical mutual

"Many investors follow a 'path' that takes them through the wealth-accumulation, pre-retirement and income stages of investing. In addition, we've developed a Protection strategy that offers an innovative approach to protecting assets without excluding them from growth during up markets," said Scott Kubie, Chief Investment Strategist for CLS Investments.

"Client-Centered Planning focuses on the long-term objectives that are truly essential to investors, and puts advisors in charge of determining the best investment strategy and vehicle for each individual client," Mr. Kubie said.

For more information on CLS Investments, or to speak with Todd P. Clarke and Scott Kubie, please contact Katrine Winther-Olesen at (973) 400-1341 or

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CLS Investments is a leading investment management firm specializing in delivering innovative Risk Budgeted strategies through multiple investment vehicles. As one of the largest active third-party money managers in the United States, CLS works with more than 1,500 financial advisors to manage their 40,000 individual clients' portfolios. Using a disciplined approach and unique methodology, CLS identifies risk budgets based on an individual investor's financial goals, ability to handle risk and overall time horizon. CLS then allocates client accounts by overweighting strong asset classes while keeping the risk level consistent. Once a risk budget is assigned, that risk cannot be over-spent, nor can it be under-used. CLS also manages the AdvisorOne Mutual Funds, which invest in ETFs to provide diversified risk-budgeted portfolios in a single fund.

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