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September 09, 2008 09:00 ET

Club Vivanet Provides Vision of Worldwide Business Opportunities

CAPE CORAL, FL--(Marketwire - September 9, 2008) - CEO Don Steinberg has a life-long career in international sales and marketing. In the mid 1990s, Don co-founded "One World Communications, Inc.," at that time one of the largest Global telecommunications sales forces with 180 offices around the world, supporting over 100,000 agents. Now, with the team at Club Vivanet (PINKSHEETS: CVIV),, they have started their next global organization with products and services that are greatly needed as rapidly developing economies open opportunity to hundreds of millions of new consumers and entrepreneurs worldwide. Communication products are the necessary cornerstone of global business development and Club Vivanet supplies these advanced telecom and internet based services on an affordable and cost effective basis. We have in place the people, experience, programs and the opportunities for people worldwide to develop their own business locally and internationally.

The products and services we provide today are telecom, financial and on-line ticketing, all of which are growing rapidly worldwide. In the telecom area, we provide CallBack and Voice Over the Internet services. Both of these services are showing tremendous growth as millions of people globally make international calls and are looking for a lower cost alternative than the local phone company.

The company provides telecom services on a retail and wholesale basis, which includes the exciting "Start Your Own Phone Company" program, that allows individual agents to become telecom service providers with the same wholesale rates enjoyed by multi-million dollar companies, but without the time and volume commitments those companies must endure. and and

In the financial area, Club Vivanet is a leading provider of safe, secure and discrete electronic payment solutions, servicing financial institutions, MLM companies, multi-national corporations and consumers worldwide.

Based upon a state of the art payment platform, operating 24/7/365, the company configures debit and virtual account solutions that are secure, compliant and easy to implement. The company works with its clients to define prepaid products that can be issued with our partner banks and processed in our data centers worldwide. Club Vivanet debit card offerings include closed loop processing, Instant Issue Gift Cards, Travel Money Cards, General Purpose Reloadable Cash Cards, Incentive Cards, Payroll Cards, Virtual Cards, Expense Account Cards and more. and are 2 sites describing some of the uses for these cards. Club Vivanet also provides fundraising opportunities utilizing prepaid cards through and

In terms of globalization, the global expansion of prepaid debit cards -- or cash cards -- will offer tremendous opportunities for financial institutions and processors. There is untapped potential in unexpected areas, particularly Third World countries lacking access to traditional credit and debit cards. These places will see prepaid debit cards (cash cards) become a necessity. Club Vivanet is also confident that, "cross-border remittance will continue to grow at triple-digit rates, not only because of traditional markets like Central and South America, but from Asia-Pacific markets India and China."

Continuing in the financial area, we are offering credit card acceptance services to merchants. While in the U.S., where every business has a merchant account and accepts credit cards, internationally this is not the case and the market is open for massive sales worldwide. The competition is less and the margins are larger.

Globally, the use of on-line ticketing for venues is growing tremendously. The company is positioned to capture a piece of this fast growing market with Our main competitor is Ticket Master, who did 7.8 billion in sales last year. We are very aggressive in our pricing models in order to capture market share in the U.S. and globally. In addition to our 100% guaranteed lowest rate, we offer the customer the option of using their own merchant account to collect money immediately instead of waiting for their funds after the event, which is common with other online ticket processors. We offer event customers free gateway software, free setup and automated marketing programs to its database. The opportunity in this marketplace is unusually significant and will be distributed worldwide.

As Club Vivanet expands worldwide, a "Country Director" is assigned in each country to facilitate market penetration in that country. They will serve as the Club Vivanet support office for that country, developing marketing material, conducting daily and weekly trainings, translating information into the local language, as well as provide technical and complete back office support to enable the local agents to grow global networks. We will have the global agent base in place to achieve "First In" status with distribution of these new technologies. We will become the "go to" team as companies develop new technologies and are looking for fast, global distribution.

Club Vivanet will use a variety of marketing approaches, but will use network marketing whenever appropriate. MCI and Sprint used network marketing when they first began as it was the best way to capture market share from AT&T. This link is an article by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki highly recommending Multi Level Marketing business globally.

The opportunity is here for agents to develop sales organizations around the world, selling a variety of products and services, and creating long term residual income. As Club Vivanet embarks on this opportunity with its new partners and joint venture relationships, they will be building one of the largest sales forces in the world.

At CLUB VIVANET, our mission is to create a rewarding financial opportunity for its Independent Associates, shareholders and employees.

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