April 09, 2012 14:30 ET

Clubpennystocks Volume WatchList: AAPL (Apple Inc), SNPK (Sunpeaks Ventures), STVF (Stevia First Corp), CBIS (Cannabis Science), KMIIV (Kinder Morgan), SEFE (SEFE Inc.), HDSI (HDS International)

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - April 9, 2012) - SNPK (Sunpeaks Ventures) continued its climb on heavy volume today, currently up 20% at around $1.36. STVF (Stevia First) pulled back around 10% however was still trading heavy volume and above $2.00.

CBIS (Cannabis Science) also continued its heavy action this week, with CBIS again trading above normal average volume. HDSI was trading heavily and up over 40%!!

These stocks have been trading higher all week in officially the worst week in the markets this year. The question will remain can they continue to perform? The US leader in micro cap alerts offers its high quality stocks alert newsletter to investors looking for the best penny stock picks around!

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Remember we cover the volume, so we will continue to watch stocks based on trading volume alone. We will cover the top stocks on the OTCQB, and on the Pinks.

These are the seven stocks that just had a big spike in volume:

AAPL - Apple Inc.

STVF - Stevia First Corp.

CBIS - Cannabis Science.

SNPK - Sunpeaks Ventures Inc.

KMIIV - Kinder Morgan, Inc.



As our subscribers know, timing is absolutely critical when buying stocks. The stocks you buy are not as important as WHEN you buy. STVF (Stevia First Corp) is a good example of this, some people got in at 0.60 cents before it traded over $2.50.

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