October 05, 2012 12:44 ET

Clubpennystocks Volume WatchList: TAGG (TagLikeMe Corp), SANP (Santo Mining Corp), NSPR (InspireMD, Inc), ABHD (Abtech Holdings, Inc), ZERO (Save The World Air, Inc)

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - Oct. 5, 2012) - TagLikeMe Corp (TAGG) was once more the big story in OTC land in today's trading. TAGG was volatile yesterday, at one point moving higher by north of 100%. Today is no exception TAGG is trading to the upside once more. Currently TAGG is up by 40% on $3.5 million. TagLikeMe Corp traded over $25 million yesterday; we will update you as to the final number today in this name which seems to have so much attention in the OTCQB markets right now.

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Inspire MD, Inc (NSPR) was trading slightly to the upside in early trading on Friday, roughly flat. NSPR had also traded well over $1 million and looked like being one of the top volume stocks in the OTC markets today.

Abtech Holdings, Inc (ABHD) was another volume leader moving to the upside to finish off the trading day. ABDH was higher by 5% on around 700k traded at the time of writing. ABHD was a new name on the volume watchlist this week.

Santo Mining Corp (SANP) was also an early volume mover in today's action trading 500k early on, and trading higher by 4% in Fridays markets.

Wrapping up the volume leaders this week was one of last week's leaders Save The World Air, Inc (ZERO). In Fridays trading ZERO was back above the $1.00 mark and higher by 9%. ZERO had traded right around 400k at the time of writing.

We will be back to you on Monday with the latest news and volume movers in the OTC Markets.

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