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June 28, 2013 11:21 ET

Club's Cultural Offerings

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - June 28, 2013) - If you wake up early enough after a night on the fishbowls then Club 18-30 holidays have a cultural side to explore too! While famed for their electric nightlife, beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine, popular Club 18-30 destinations like Ibiza, Crete and Zante have loads of historical and cultural sites that are easily accessible from the resorts.

So whether it is searching for turtles in the turquoise sea or wandering through the legendary Minotaur's home, there is plenty to see and do as you rev up for the next all-night party!

Bring your camera

Knock back a cocktail or two and soak in the atmosphere of the winding, cobbled streets of old Ibiza Town. As well as the yachts in the harbour side quarter and the gay scene in the old gypsy quarter Sa Penya, there is also D'Alt Vila, a fortress containing so much history dating from before Roman times that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Make sure you're armed with a camera to get perfect shots of the fabulous cathedral and castle as well as stunning views across the bay from the top of D'Alt Vila's walls - dating from 1554. As you head around you'll also see ruins of medieval walls originally built by Carthaginians in 5th century BC and the Necropolis, with graves dating back between 600BC and 146BC.

Turtle power

Partying in Zante? For a chilled day out to recover, cruise with your mates to Turtle Island to see the loggerhead sea turtles.

As you keep a sharp eye out for these rare and endangered creatures that use Turtle Island as a nesting site, there's also a chance you'll spot some dolphins too. The island is only a short boat ride from party capital Laganas, with most excursions giving you the chance to swim and snorkel around its two beaches. One is a white sand tropical paradise said to be one of the most beautiful in Zante, and the second is a small cove with plenty of caves to explore.

Palace of legends

If you're living it up in Crete, why not see how the kings of legend lived at the great Palace of Knossos. See the royal chambers, throne, workshops and wall paintings and experience the splendour of the capital of Minoan Crete.

People lived at the site for thousands of years between around 6,000BC to 1,375BC and it is steeped in Greek legend as mighty King Minos' palace where the Minotaur, a terrible beast part man and part bull, lived in a maze fed by human sacrifices. According to myth, the palace was designed and built by the great inventor Dedalos, who was kept prisoner by King Minos so the labyrinth's secret could never be leaked out. Dedalos designed wings from feathers, wax, honey and wood so he and his son Ikaros could fly and escape, but his son flew too close to the sun, his wings melted and he fell into the sea.

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