June 17, 2016 11:00 ET

ClusterHQ to Release Joint Reference Architectures for HA Databases With Dell and Hedvig at DockerCon 2016

Join ClusterHQ During DockerCon to Learn Everything You Need to Know About Docker and Storage

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 17, 2016) - Next week at DockerCon, ClusterHQ, The Container Data People, will release two joint reference architectures with Dell and Hedvig, providing the community with best practices for deploying proven, flexible and reliable microservices architectures with Docker, Flocker and the storage backend of choice. Each reference architecture will include a detailed architectural overview, use cases, and configuration for a Docker environment that uses Docker Universal Control Plane, the Flocker Volume Manager and either Hedvig Storage or Dell Storage SC Series, for running stateful applications. To download the reference architectures visit: or

ClusterHQ will also host joint demos at its booth, G9, with Dell and Hedvig during the conference, demonstrating how attendees can leverage existing storage backends to create portable container-level storage for Docker.

In addition, ClusterHQ will be speaking during the following sessions and events:

  • "Juggling Containers in the Enterprise" at Software Circus: Mohit Bhatnagar, VP products, ClusterHQ will be presenting, and juggling, literally, at The Software Circus Pre-DockerCon party. The Software Circus is the most fun you'll ever have at a tech meetup.
  • "Enabling Enterprise Storage for Containers": Join engineers from ClusterHQ and Dell Storage to learn about persistent storage integration with Docker. See how Flocker enables native support for enterprise storage infrastructure use in containers, enabling new workloads.
    • Location: DockerCon, Rooms 618-620
    • Date: Monday, June 20
    • Time: 4:25-5:10pm PT

  • "Everything You Need to Know About Docker and Storage": Ryan Wallner, technical evangelist, ClusterHQ will provide a high-level overview of storage 101 for Docker. This session will present key concepts, architectures, and common deployment scenarios for stateful services, as well as available storage options in the community, including ClusterHQ's Flocker volume manager.
    • Location: DockerCon, Rooms 615-617
    • Date: Tuesday, June 21
    • Time: 3:55-4:40pm PT

During DockerCon 2016, June 19-21 in Seattle, stop by booth G9 to take a #DockerSelfie and learn more about ClusterHQ's products and services.

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ClusterHQ builds container data management software that enables broader adoption of container technology across the entire application lifecycle. The company provides a full suite of products, Flocker, Volume Hub and dvol, that give developers and operations teams expanded resources for testing and managing containerized applications, so that users at any level can easily manage their containerized data from the convenience of a laptop. DevOps teams worldwide rely on ClusterHQ's open source Flocker software to meet the data portability requirements of distributed, microservices-based applications. Available for download at, Flocker enables containers and their associated data volumes to be easily moved between servers as a single unit, a prerequisite for production operation of stateful application components in containers. Flocker facilitates widespread production deployment of containers for databases, queues and key value stores by making it simple and practical for entire distributed applications to be consolidated into an all-container development and operations environment. No matter where, or what, a container is running, Flocker gives DevOps teams operational freedom to quickly react to market conditions by relocating application containers in response to changing conditions, so that their business can innovate faster and be more responsive. Flocker increases the value of an organization's container investment and opens the door for a greater variety of mainstream enterprise use cases. Organizations can now embrace the portability and massive per-server density benefits of containers for stateful application services, enabling the creation of a new generation of microservices-based applications, and in some cases the replacement of virtual machines with containers. ClusterHQ provides the tools and services necessary for deploying and managing fully containerized stateful applications, simplifying IT processes and delivering on the advantages inherent in containers. We are the Container Data People™.

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