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April 17, 2015 14:55 ET

ClustrixDB Delivers 2.35 Times the Performance of MySQL in Magento Benchmark

ClustrixDB Handles Over 318,000 Visitors per Hour With 7 Checkouts per Second

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 17, 2015) -  Clustrix, provider of the first distributed relational database (RDBMS) optimized to meet the needs of fast growing e-commerce sites, today announced it achieved unprecedented performance for Magento applications in a benchmark simulating a large e-commerce site. The results demonstrate ClustrixDB's ability to deliver high throughput on Magento systems, handling 318,820 visitors per hour and providing a seamless shopping experience for customers.

In the e-commerce industry, a retailer's biggest sales day can quickly become a nightmare for merchants without a scalable database. Seasonal peaks in demand, such as back-to-school days, and large sales such as Black Friday can generate e-commerce traffic that dwarfs the demand seen during the rest of the year. Such bursts in traffic highlight the need for a database that can scale at the speed of customer demand.

The benchmark tested the ability of ClustrixDB to handle the transaction volume expected during a period of peak sales (with a conversion rate of visitors to sales of 8 percent), as well as an even more demanding load expected during a flash sale (a conversion rate of 20 percent). In both scenarios, ClustrixDB demonstrated an impressive ability to scale. Some other key findings include:

  • During the simulated period of holiday/seasonal sales, ClustrixDB demonstrated the ability to handle 318,820 visits per hour on a cluster of 9 nodes of 16-cores running a standard suite of benchmarking tools provided by Magento. The same test run on a 32-core MySQL system -- the largest configuration offered by most hosting providers -- delivered 135,000 visits per hour.
  • During the period of holiday/seasonal sales, ClustrixDB processed 25,505 checkouts per hour (7 checkouts/second). ClustrixDB supported 864 page views per second.
  • During the holiday/seasonal sales, user response times for loading pages and adding items to a cart were less than 1500ms for all but 2.5 percent of requests. Checkout time was less than 2000ms for all but 2 percent of requests. Generally e-commerce merchants strive for < 2000ms per page when shoppers are browsing.
  • During the simulated flash sale (aka daily deal), ClustrixDB demonstrated the ability to handle 44,421 checkouts per hour (12.3 checkouts per second).
  • With ClustrixDB, users experienced errors on less than 0.1 percent of their interactions with the site on both holiday/seasonal sales and flash sale tests. The error rate with MySQL was 1.0 percent or 10x.

"It's gratifying to be able to demonstrate objectively to the Magento community our ability to scale so far beyond MySQL," said Mike Azevedo, Clustrix CEO. "Just add nodes to add capacity, in seconds. Our database automatically takes full advantage of the additional capacity and rebalance the workload. Only Clustrix offers the ability to flex database capacity up and down to address peak demand for the holiday season."

Ideal for Magento sites that need high transaction performance and seasonal flexibility, ClustrixDB powers leading e-commerce sites around the world, providing an always-on shopping experience, even during peak traffic and traffic spikes of 600 percent.

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