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June 12, 2007 07:00 ET

CMI: Are Canadian Businesses Gambling with Security?

Canadian Security Technology Readiness Intelligence Report Released Today

GATINEAU, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - June 12, 2007) - One in three organizations has recently experienced security breaches according to a recent independent study on Canadian business security completed by Televerde and commissioned by Channel Management International (CMI). The research focused on six key areas: security breaches; information technology priorities; and regulatory compliance, wireless, email and internet/web security.

The results of the study show the degree of threat facing corporations today; demonstrating areas where Canadian businesses need to bolster their defenses including measures to protect wireless communications; the need to comply with industry and government regulations; guarding against persistent floods of spam; and defeating viruses coming into systems over the Web.

"Canadian businesses will need to tighten their IT security measures and it is reassuring to see that 79% of respondents rated IT security as a high priority for the coming year," stated Karen Letain, President, CMI. "Regulatory compliance is becoming a critical factor in security infrastructure decisions as Canadian businesses face increasing regulations and pressure from foreign and domestic governments and industry. However, security breaches are still occurring that are compromising confidential data even when the organization is mandated by a regulation to comply."

"This is a very important study because it not only highlights the status of security in our activities, but also helps to identify the areas for immediate action. Without the ability to prioritize, we would be paralyzed by fears of small as well as significant threats," said John Reid, President, Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance.

"As the lines continue to blur between external and internal communications in the global supply chain, the importance of addressing and closing security gaps in both small and large enterprises has become a major responsibility for all," explained James H. Hooker, President and CEO, Televerde. "We may well be witnessing a real life example of the 'butterfly effect', whereby an initial small security breach could have overwhelming ramifications."

Some of the findings in the report include:

- Most organizations recognize vulnerabilities in their IT security strategy. One in three companies surveyed experienced at least one security breach in the last three months. Of the companies that had not experienced recent breaches, nearly half feel a high need to increase technical security levels, and 28% rated their security vulnerability as high.

- The need to resolve security issues plays a prominent role in the challenges, priorities and upcoming investments addressed by IT decision-makers. Of the companies surveyed, 79% of respondents rated IT security as a high priority, and 96% of that group reported at least one unresolved technical security issue. About one in three companies who rate security as a top priority have planned security initiatives for 2007.

- Regulatory compliance is a critical factor in security infrastructure decisions. About two-thirds of respondents are subject to one or more industry regulations, and 55% of all respondents report that compliance is a key driver of security decisions. Sarbanes-Oxley was the most frequently mentioned regulation among respondents.

- The increase in wireless devices is a security challenge for organizations. Nearly half of the organizations with a wireless infrastructure in place rated their security concerns surrounding wireless technology as high. Additionally, nearly one in three companies who do not have a wireless infrastructure in place rated their concern over the growth of wireless technology as high, indicating a need to adopt new technologies and procedures to accommodate wireless strategies within their organizations.

- Despite the prevalence of anti-spam solutions available on the market, most companies still struggle to effectively prevent email spam from impacting operations. More than 75% of the companies surveyed report that email spam is a growing challenge. Most of these organizations have some type of anti-spam solution already in place; however, the research suggests that the current solutions are inadequate to meet the threat. Greater than one out of every three companies has plans to upgrade or implement an anti-spam solution, and one in four companies list spam as one of their top three technical security challenges.

- Web threats are a top security issue for most organizations. Nearly half of the companies surveyed rate web-based threats as a high concern. When listing top technical security challenges, 50% of the respondents listed one or more web-related security challenge. Anti-virus and URL filtering were the top two responses given when survey participants listed the web security capabilities that are most important in their organization.

The results of this study are available online at

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