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December 16, 2010 12:47 ET

CMO Council to Team With SUCCESS STORIES: JAPAN to Give Marketers New Insights Into a Complex, Transitioning Economy

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2010) -   The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and SUCCESS STORIES: JAPAN Executive Newsletter today announced a global partnership to provide timely insights and intelligence on Japan to the CMO Council's 6,000 global members, who control more than $200 billion in annual marketing spend.

While Japan has suffered 20 consecutive months of deflation, the economy grew by an annualized rate of 4.5 percent in the third calendar quarter this year and still accounts for massive consumer buying power globally. The Japanese government last month passed a $61 billion stimulus package, which is certainly attracting the attention of global marketers. 

"CMO Council is dedicated to supplying the needed management resources to senior-level executives of global corporations to allow them to implement the right strategies for major markets, about which they are often unfamiliar," says Mr. Neale-May. "Our partnership with SUCCESS STORIES: JAPAN, which has been exclusively focused on helping non-Japanese companies in Japan since its founding in 1997, is another step in provisioning those resources."

With so much of the mainstream business media focused on China and the opportunities there, executives often overlook the importance of Japan in the world economy. Japan remains either the second or third-largest economy in the world (depending on what measure is used to rank nations). It has tens of thousands of strong, vibrant companies producing innovative products and services for global industrial use and consumer consumption. It leads the world in many important technologies, including mobile phones, MEMS, energy efficiency, solar, consumer products, biotech, nanotech, marine defense, nuclear energy, miniaturization, food innovation, and much more. 

Japan has a strong law-based economy (unlike China) and its consumers are among the most discerning and brand-minded globally. Japanese households also hold over $14 trillion in liquid assets in bank and postal savings accounts, with relatively little consumer debt or problems with foreclosure. And Japanese companies have billions of dollars of cash on the balance sheet with very low leverage and the ability to execute partnerships and mergers all over the world with fast decision-making.

"We are very pleased to work with CMO Council in bringing Japan management tips and advice to its large, senior membership base of marketing executives from companies across all business sectors around the world," noted Jay Nelson, operating partner of Success Stories Media, Inc. and Senior Editor of SUCCESS STORIES: JAPAN Executive Newsletter, the leading management publication for senior Japan-oriented corporate executives worldwide. 

"Most companies and their products and services are under-represented and under-marketed in Japan's large important economy, plus they are missing many opportunities for global partnerships, joint ventures, M&A and marketing alliances with Japanese companies." Nelson adds: "We look forward to helping more companies understand how to modify their business models to succeed in Japan, as global leaders such as McDonald's, IBM, Coca-Cola, AFLAC, Nestle's, Starbucks and Yahoo! have already done. If a company is not getting at least ten percent of its global sales out of Japan as these companies do, it's not realizing its full potential here."

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