January 26, 2011 09:00 ET

CND Scientists Speak Out: UV Nail Lamps Are Safe

VISTA, CA--(Marketwire - January 26, 2011) - From driving a car to holding a cell phone on-the-go, hands get more UV exposure from natural and artificial light than any other part of the body. Despite concerns from news sources questioning the safety of UV lamps, an independent study presents the facts. According to CND Chief Scientific Advisor, Doug Schoon, recent reports fail to properly measure UV light rays, overestimate exposure from UV nail lamps and incorrectly attribute skin cancer. Schoon and two other nail industry scientists oversaw an in depth study of leading UV nail lamps on the market. The study measured how much UV-A and UV-B rays UV nail lamps and natural sunlight emit. The results dispel the myth that UV nail lamps put users at increased risk of developing skin cancer.

To summarize the report:

  • UV nail lamps have less UV-B light (cause of sunburn and skin cancer) output than natural sunlight. The amount of UV-B light in ten minute exposure to nail lamps is "equivalent to an extra 30 seconds in sunlight each day of the two weeks between nail salon appointments." UV-A exposure is equivalent to spending "an extra 1.5 to 2.7 minutes in sunlight each day between salon visits." 
    Brief sun exposure = curing manicures and pedicures in UV nail lamp

  • UV nail lamps use special bulbs with internal coatings that filter out most of the UV-B light

  • A client's hand can receive more exposure to UV light while driving a car than they would receive from UV gel and Shellac™ services.
    Drying nails in a UV nail lamp is safer than glove-free driving 

"The cumulative amount of UV exposure from normal daily activities -- driving, running errands outdoors, and sitting under fluorescent lighting -- is much greater than the minimal exposure from a UV nail lamp. The anxieties of getting skin damage from a manicure are disproportionate to the truth," explains Dr. David Valia, Director of Research and Development for CND.

CND has one of the world's largest laboratories for professional nail research and development, and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to analyze UV output, equipment design, and safety. CND's knowledge in polymer science and expertise in UV technology is unparalleled. Participation in scientific symposia including 'RadTech,' the largest event dedicated to the education, technical and scientific advancement of Ultra Violet and Electron Beam technologies, keeps CND at the forefront of this science.

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