SOURCE: Coates International, Ltd.

September 11, 2008 14:17 ET

Coates International, Ltd. Announces Engagement of Exclusive Liaison Agent in China

WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ--(Marketwire - September 11, 2008) - Coates International, Ltd. (the "Company" or "Coates") (OTCBB: COTE) is pleased to announce that the Company has engaged Mr. James Pang as its exclusive liaison agent to China.

Mr. Pang is a skilled marketer and has acted as a liaison with Chinese business enterprises on behalf of U.S. companies in various industries. He is a Chinese-born native, and has brought a number of business transactions to consummation between U.S. and Chinese companies. The Company has already undertaken to translate its pertinent marketing materials and technical literature into the Chinese language to facilitate Mr. Pang's efforts and simplify the marketing and negotiating activities. Mr. James Pang has just recently left for China to begin acting as our liaison.

The Company has agreed to compensate Mr. Pang for successful transactions. His fee for the initial consummated transaction will be 7% of the transaction amount.

We are very enthused about the likelihood that Mr. Pang's services will substantially overcome the many language and cultural challenges inherent in bringing these types of business opportunities to fruition.

We will provide additional updates as new developments arise.

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