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February 25, 2014 15:15 ET

Coates International, Ltd. - The New York Times Reports That President Obama Requests New Rules to Cut Heavy Truck Pollution and Reduce Fuel Consumption; This Is Not Possible With 100 Year Old Poppet Valve Truck Engines

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WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ--(Marketwired - Feb 25, 2014) - Coates International, Ltd. ("the Company") (OTCQB: COTE) President Obama took another step to curb green house gas pollution on Tuesday last week without waiting for Congress as he directed his administration to develop new regulations to reduce carbon emissions from the heavy-duty trucks that transport the nation's goods.

Appearing in a grocery chain truck in a Washington D.C. suburb the President said that the Transportation Department and the Environmental Protection Agency would draft new fuel economy standards for heavy trucks by March 2015. They could be completed a year after that as he rushes to put in place a new regulation structure before leaving office.

Mr. Coates is a research scientist in the design and development of Power and Propulsion Systems of numerous types including gas turbines, steam turbines, pulse detonation rocket engines, internal combustion engines, and more.

Mr. Coates' comments: It's quite impossible to reduce fuel consumption and lower harmful emissions of heavy-duty trucks by any significant margin as they are designed today with the antique design of the more than 100 year old poppet valve.

For the following reasons:

  • Poppet valves are permanently incased in the combustion chamber and are subject to constant heat of that chamber. The instantaneous combustion is approximately 3,000°F (the constant temperature of the combustion chamber should not exceed 2400°F) if it does the engine will manufacture NOX (nitrous-oxides) a deadly pollution. 
  • To lower the fuel consumption of heavy truck engines and reduce the harmful emissions produced it is necessary to raise the compression ratio and increase the engine volumetric efficiency. This is not possible with poppet valve engines because when you raise the compression ratio you create higher combustion chamber temperatures. Poppet valves get red hot and burn-out while producing much more harmful pollutants, pre-ignition occurs, and will waste more fuel. Truck engine manufacturers already tried this with adding more poppet valves and incorporating turbo chargers. They failed to achieve success in creating a higher thermally efficient engine.

Here at COATES INTERNATIONAL, LTD over many years we have designed and developed industrial Coates Spherical Rotary Valve (CSRV®) Engines precisely for this purpose.

Most standard heavy duty truck engines incorporate compression ratios of 14-1. The COATES CSRV® industrial retrofit truck engine compression ratios range from 15-1 and up to 21-1 and volumetric efficiency can be almost twice that of the poppet valve engine. Our CSRV® engines will operate on a multitude of alternative fuels. When we retrofit these engines, we eliminate 2600 parts and components, as well as the oil from a standard poppet valve system in heavy-duty truck engines. (If more technical or scientific information is required please contact the company).

The COATES CSRV® engines and retrofit systems are fully warranted.

We plan to grant licenses to suitable dealers for our heavy truck retrofit CSRV® systems.

There can be no assurance that the Company will be successful in any of the above endeavors.

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