February 27, 2007 08:00 ET

CoBiz and incentaHEALTH Team Up for Third Consecutive Year to Provide CoBiz Employees With incentaHEALTH Wellness Program

DENVER, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 27, 2007 -- incentaHEALTH announced that CoBiz Inc., a diversified financial services firm and parent company of Colorado Business Bank, is providing its employees with incentaHEALTH's weight loss and wellness program for the third consecutive year.

incentaHEALTH's cash incentive-driven service helps participating employees lose weight and keep it off by developing healthy lifestyle habits. The program emphasizes proper diet and exercise and provides each participant with daily personalized coaching.

CoBiz Inc. has contracted with incentaHEALTH to provide this service at no cost to participating CoBiz employees.

CoBiz anticipates the weight loss and wellness program will be a contributing factor to reducing the company's employee health costs. "The annual fee we pay incentaHEALTH and the total amount of cash incentives earned by our successful employees is much less than the health care costs for employees who become ill," Pat Maley, Vice-President of Human Resources, said.

Cash rewards and personal coaching have proven to be strong incentives for participants. In 2006, more than 100 CoBiz employees participated, and in some cases, individual weight loss amounted to 15 to 20 pounds. In addition, some participants experienced significant improvement in their blood pressure and cholesterol counts.

"The wellness education employees have gained has been great," Maley said, "and getting daily email reminders has reinforced their participation in the program."

The CoBiz annual sign-up period for its incentaHEALTH offering creates a wave of excitement throughout its workforce. "Our employees in the program are enthusiastic and very appreciative for the opportunity to participate," said Maley. "And a large number of new employees are seeking information about the program, so now we are including the offer in new hire packets. Their reaction is, 'This is an exciting program. I know I have to change my lifestyle and there is no cost to me to participate.'"

Maintaining the privacy rights of participants is also important to both incentaHEALTH and CoBiz. Data employees provide incentaHEALTH at their work-site and quarterly weigh-ins is sent directly to incentaHEALTH in strict confidence and never shared with CoBiz.

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The $2.1 billion financial services company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, employs 470 people in 22 locations in Arizona and Colorado.

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incentaHEALTH is an innovative health care technology company based in Denver, Colorado. incentaHEALTH's fully outsourced, employee weight loss and wellness program is designed to encourage weight loss by participating employees, and as a result, lower employer health care costs. For more information, visit

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