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September 26, 2013 01:00 ET

Cochlear Limited Wins Four Awards for Healthcare Innovation

'Technologic Innovation Is the Turbo-Charger of Growth.' -- Chris Roberts, Cochlear CEO

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwired - Sep 26, 2013) - Cochlear Limited (ASX: COH) has been awarded a series of prestigious international design awards for two of its latest product innovations.

The Cochlear Nucleus® CR120 Intraoperative Remote Assistant and Cochlear Nucleus® CR110 Remote Assistant Fitting, have won four design excellence awards between them.

Both products are part of a range of advanced clinical care tools developed by Cochlear to revolutionise treatment pathways for cochlear implantation. By using some of the industry's most advanced technologies and making them easier to use, the products help healthcare professionals look after cochlear implant recipients. They automate some of the more time consuming tasks carried out by audiologists and surgeons from surgery onward.

Intraoperative Remote Assistant

The Intraoperative Remote Assistant is the implantable hearing industry's first wireless hand-held device that performs fast diagnostics on the cochlear implant before recipients leave the operating theatre. For audiologists, this vastly simplifies the current practise of testing recipients' cochlear implants using a computer and cables. If required, the Intraoperative Remote Assistant can also be used by the surgical team itself, as it requires minimal set-up and training.

The Intraoperative Remote Assistant was a silver award winner in the implant product category at the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Awards, recently announced in Philadelphia, USA. The product also won a design award in the medical and scientific category at the Australian International Design Awards 2013 and beat all other entries in those awards to win the Powerhouse Museum Award.

Remote Assistant Fitting

Remote Assistant Fitting, also an industry first, allows wireless cochlear implant programming on the recipients' own handheld remote assistant. Soon after surgery recipients get their cochlear implant systems programmed by audiologists to set the levels. This is also done using a computer and cables. Remote Assistant Fitting enables audiologists to do this wirelessly, which can make programming sessions a lot easier, especially with infants, who often like to move about. The wireless functionality also enables recipients themselves to make small adjustments to their programs, should they be required over time. This can reduce the need for clinic visits for small program adjustments saving valuable time for both recipients and their audiologists.

Remote Assistant Fitting also won a design award in the medical and scientific category at the 2013 Australian International Design Awards.

'Technologic innovation is the turbo-charger of growth,' said Chris Roberts, CEO at Cochlear. 'It has always been a guiding principle for Cochlear. I believe the future needs to be designed and our clinical care tools, like our other market leading products, are how we are designing it. Ultimately, they will help us deliver the gift of sound to more people and make their long-term experience richer and more enjoyable.'

'These products are the latest clinical care innovations to come out of Cochlear's extensive R&D program,' said Jan Janssen, Senior Vice President Design and Development at Cochlear. 'Years of intense development work go into these technologies so we are proud to have them recognised by such renowned international awards organisations.'

Availability of these products will depend on regulatory approval. Contact your local Cochlear office for more information.

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