December 17, 2012 11:00 ET Website Launch

GATINEAU, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Dec. 17, 2012) - is a brand new bilingual social media that offers a refreshing venue for citizens to speak up and express their choices and opinions.

Inspired by communication tools and virtual networks such as Facebook YouTube and Twitter, is the initiative of an entrepreneur of the National Capital Region, Yves Alary, chartered accountant and business consultant.

Since 2009, Alary, over countless meetings, convinces colleagues and partners, such as DIUM, to share their expertise and efforts to plan, design and realize this project.

"…The name Cocoriko stands for awakening - the voice of citizens from around the world. This website,, is there to put forward societal demand initiatives of recent years while giving users a place for structured reflection. COCORIKO encourages people to participate and vote on fundamental issues that have direct influence on how our society works, while helping people get a clearer idea on what they deeply wish for by looking at THEIR common vision of an ideal world. Simple, amusing and inspiring, brings a refreshing way to look at regional, national or global issues and contributes to democratic life." Yves Alary

Driven by the idea of creating a better world, the originator of the idea and the COCORIKO™ team have created a rallying tool that offers countless subjects of interest and issues raised and discussed by users. is open to all. Each and everyone is invited to create, organize and comment all of its content.

Interventions and polling results on proposals posted on website encourage discussions on the issues, but also on values and viewpoints in society, in particular as they are related to the sociodemographics of participants. Users may also add links to websites, videos or other related resources that help further discussions between stakeholders by presenting arguments in favour of different positions.

Constantly evolving, will unveil new functionalities that will enhance user experience and efficiency, over the coming months.

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