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March 10, 2008 07:02 ET

Code Green Networks Announces Version 5.0: New Features Bring Enterprise Class DLP to Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises

New Release Further Increases Ease of Use, Adds New 'Out-of-the-Box' Detection Capabilities and Expands Fully Integrated Email Encryption Options With Cisco Registered Envelope Service

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - March 10, 2008) - Code Green Networks, a leading provider of data loss prevention (DLP) solutions for protecting customer data and safeguarding intellectual property, today announced the release of Version 5.0 of its DLP offering to help small and mid-sized businesses more easily deploy, manage and enforce data protection policies across their organizations. The new release enhances the capabilities of Code Green Networks' CI-1500 and CI-750 Content Inspection appliances with new features for ease of use, expanded techniques for detecting content, and an additional option for fully integrated email encryption using the Cisco Registered Envelope Service™.

With the average cost of a data breach now exceeding $100 per record and roughly 75 percent of annual security losses coming from within organizations due to unauthorized disclosure of proprietary business information and intellectual property, more security-conscious organizations are evaluating and deploying DLP solutions today. Increasing compliance concerns and a desire to protect intellectual property are fueling demand, requiring companies of all sizes to implement best practices for securing confidential customer and internal data.

"Based on client feedback, we believe the challenge with data loss prevention (DLP) isn't about the availability of technology, it's about making these capabilities accessible to customers so they can easily manage and enforce policies themselves on a daily basis," said Eric Ouellet, Research Vice President, Gartner. "As DLP continues to gain broader adoption in the mid-market, ease of use and affordability will be key factors in deploying the technology."

"The ability to detect and prevent sensitive content from leaving our network, including over email, was a definite factor in our decision to purchase the Code Green Networks solution," said Michael Stridsberg, Information Security Manager at New England Federal Credit Union. "We've found the Code Green Networks appliances to be easy to manage, enabling us to quickly start enforcing data policies across our organization. We've been pleased with our decision and the added value it delivers in protecting the confidentiality of our member's information."

Ease of Use for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses is Critical

In its ongoing effort to ease the process of deploying and managing DLP, Code Green Networks has released new functionality to assist customers in building and managing policies that meet their organization's requirements. While other DLP products are complex and can take several days, weeks or even months to fully deploy, a typical Code Green Networks customer can be up and running in a day or less.

--  Contextual Hit Highlighting -- Contextual Hit Highlighting allows
    administrators and content authorities to easily assess incidents by
    viewing detected content highlighted within the context of the original
    network transmission or message.
--  Auto Document Classification -- Code Green Networks' new Auto Document
    Classification technique uses Bayesian algorithms to provide 'out-of-the-
    box' recognition and detection of certain document types -- including
    resumes, source code, tax forms and earnings press releases -- without the
    need to register content, allowing customers to quickly set up and enforce
    corporate policies.
--  Active Directory™ Integration -- Code Green Networks provides
    integration with Active Directory, allowing content authorities to easily
    leverage their organization's user and group information when creating data
--  Policy Constraints for WebMail -- Adding to Code Green Networks'
    innovative method of WebMail filtering, customers can now apply policies
    specifically to WebMail communications. While other DLP solutions simply
    treat WebMail communications as part of HTTP traffic, Code Green Networks
    has developed custom parsers for popular WebMail services including Google
    Gmail, MSN Hotmail, AOL Mail, Windows Live Mail and Yahoo! Mail that allow
    organizations to effectively manage WebMail communications as they would
    normal SMTP email -- and apply corporate policies in the same manner.
--  New Default Policies for Healthcare -- Based on escalating requests
    from healthcare customers, Code Green Networks has expanded its library of
    predefined policies to detect and prevent data leakage of patient protected
    health information (PHI) contained in standard medical claims and their
    attachments. Code Green Networks' pattern matching allows hospitals and
    medical offices whose health information management systems use the
    Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) markup language to immediately begin
    protecting these types of documents without the need to pre-register
--  Data Tagging -- Data Tagging simplifies the process of creating and
    managing data policies by quickly linking registered content to default and
    custom policy templates, reducing setup time and allowing multiple policies
    to be quickly and easily updated.

Fully Integrated Email Encryption

Code Green Networks was the first DLP vendor to fully integrate email encryption technology into its DLP solution -- automating compliance and eliminating the need for additional hardware or software. The new release further expands this unique feature by integrating the Cisco Registered Envelope Service encryption technology into its CI-1500 and CI-750 Content Inspection appliances (see press release, "Code Green Networks Expands Integrated E-Mail Encryption Capabilities by Signing OEM Agreement with Cisco's IronPort Business Unit" issued today,, and further enhancing its existing integrated email encryption capabilities from Voltage Security.

--  Cisco Registered Envelope Service -- Code Green Networks now offers
    fully integrated IronPort PXE encryption technology from IronPort®, a
    Cisco business unit and leading provider of enterprise spam, virus and
    spyware protection. Requiring no third-party hardware or software to
    install or purchase, the integrated email encryption enables customers to
    simply select "encrypt" as a policy action and have emails automatically
    encrypted and delivered via the Cisco Registered Envelope Service.
--  Voltage Security Network -- The new release also includes further
    enhancements to the integrated Voltage Security Network email encryption,
    originally launched in early 2007 in partnership with Voltage Security,
    providing customers with more customization and branding options.

About Code Green Networks DLP Solutions

Code Green Networks offers market-leading data loss prevention (DLP) solutions that help organizations protect customer information and safeguard intellectual property, thereby mitigating the risk of unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information. Connected at the network egress point, the Code Green Networks CI-1500 and CI-750 Content Inspection Appliances provide complete, enterprise content protection in an affordable, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage package. At the end point, the Code Green Networks Content Inspection Agent protects data, both on and off the network by preventing the transfer of files to or from unauthorized portable devices, automatically encrypting data copied to approved devices, and providing complete visibility of device and file access.

Availability and Pricing

The new release is available starting today. Pricing for Code Green Networks solutions starts at $10,000 for the CI-750 (designed for up to 250 network users) and $25,000 for the CI-1500 (designed for up to 5,000 network users) and is based on the number of users and products purchased.

About Code Green Networks

Code Green Networks delivers DLP solutions that protect private employee and customer information and safeguard intellectual property across all electronic communications channels. The company's easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage content inspection appliances rapidly detect and prevent potential data leaks, helping organizations automate compliance and mitigate risks from internal breaches that can result in loss of revenue, financial penalties and irreparable damage to a corporation's image, brand and customer loyalty.

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