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September 01, 2009 08:30 ET

CodeFutures Debuts dbShards Enterprise Edition With Successful Implementation at eAgency

Company Utilizes Database-Sharding Solution to Improve Database Scalability and Performance and to Provide Continuous Availability and Operations

LOUISVILLE, CO--(Marketwire - September 1, 2009) - CodeFutures Corporation, empowering enterprises to "share nothing, shard everything," today announced the launch of dbShards Enterprise Edition, which provides cost-effective database scalability and performance using database sharding. The solution has been successfully implemented at eAgency, a provider of next-generation mobile phone application platforms that transform traditional cell phones into intelligent, practical, utilitarian smartphones. CodeFutures' solution allows eAgency to break down its large, high-volume database into smaller pieces and distribute them across a number of servers -- resulting in unprecedented scalability and performance with continuous availability and operation.

As an enterprise grows, so do its databases, often adversely impacting performance and reliability. IT departments have been faced with the constant, costly and time-consuming challenge of implementing shared resources such as disk arrays, redundant servers and monitoring tools in order to maintain database functionality for business-critical systems. This dilemma has driven the need for database sharding, a "shared-nothing" concept that partitions large, high-transaction databases across numerous commodity servers -- empowering enterprises to achieve new levels of database reliability and scalability at a fraction of the cost of more traditional solutions. Forward-thinking companies like eAgency have adopted dbShards Enterprise Edition, the first commercially available database sharding solution, to do just that.

As eAgency began to undergo tremendous growth, its MySQL database did not support continuous operations, which is a critical component to the company's business strategy. Further, expected demand would easily outstrip the capacity of a single MySQL database server. After working with CodeFutures to implement dbShards Enterprise Edition, eAgency has been able to improve database performance and scalability -- with the confidence of maintaining these benefits as its revenues and transaction volumes hit an exponential growth curve.

"Providing us with continuous availability and scalability, dbShards Enterprise Edition enables us to easily keep up with our current data load and gives us the ability to handle the significant growth in transaction volume that we expect in the near future," said Tim Allard, COO, eAgency. "Not having to worry about whether our database can scale and maintain performance levels as our business expands, frees up time, money and resources that can be dedicated to revenue-generating activities."

CodeFutures' dbShards Enterprise Edition divides large, transaction-intensive, relational databases into "shards," each of which can be hosted on independent servers with dedicated Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory and disk resources -- resulting in improved scalability and reliability, continuous operations support and near-linear growth as more servers are added to the network. Additionally, since each shard is essentially a small database, enterprises find that they are easier to manage and significantly faster and cheaper to run. In fact, some companies have seen a cost reduction of up to 70 percent as compared to other commercial offerings.

"While the concept of database sharding has been discussed for more than a decade, the business application market is just now finding the need for the technology due to the exponential increase in data volumes seen in the past several years," said Cory Isaacson, CEO, CodeFutures. "The dbShards Enterprise Edition solution is completely unique to the market -- there is no other product available that provides cost-effective scalability, reliability and availability for multi-purpose databases for today's fast-growth businesses."

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