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January 09, 2007 09:00 ET

Codenomicon Takes Security and Robustness Testing to a New Level

OUSPG Continues State-of-the-Art Security Research

OULU, FINLAND and SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 9, 2007 -- Codenomicon Ltd., the leading developer of proactive, pre-deployment security and robustness solutions for IP-based and wireless systems, announced today that they will provide a commercial and supported replacement to the open source PROTOS Classic test suites. These widely used PROTOS tools have been provided, as a robustness baseline for many protocol implementations. Building on top of the excellent PROTOS research, Codenomicon has moved the state-of-the-art in security and robustness testing to the next level -- extending its test suites and producing efficient, feature-rich, actively maintained and supported products for black-box software testing. Research at Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG) continues in parallel with PROTOS Genome project as the next phase in security testing research. PROTOS test-suites for robustness testing are fuzzing tools that find previously unknown security problems from communication products and networks.

Codenomicon announces a special upgrade offer for PROTOS Classic customers

Codenomicon is offering a special-price upgrade for users of PROTOS Classic test suites. By upgrading to Codenomicon security and robustness testing solutions, users will benefit from better protocol coverage and increased testing efficiency.

Users will also enjoy professional support and maintenance for their current and future testing needs. All Codenomicon test tools are commercially supported and maintained. They are updated periodically to reflect changes in protocol specifications, requests for new features and improved test suites that reflect the current state of the attack vectors being seen in the market.

Additionally, improved reporting of test results and a more refined user interface provides for easier test automation and integration with different test environments. Comprehensive training is available for all Codenomicon test tools.

The PROTOS test suites that can be upgraded to Codenomicon solutions include: c05-http-reply, c06-ldapv3, c06-snmpv1, c07-sip, c07-h2250v4, c09-isakmp, c09-dns.

Please visit the Codenomicon website site at for more information on the upgrade program.

A deeply-rooted, special relationship keeps customers ahead of the public threat

"Our relationship with the University of Oulu gives us a competitive advantage in delivering the most efficient and effective solutions for helping developers, service providers and enterprises defend their software, devices and data from security exposures and system failure. We continue to work closely with the state-of-the-art research of OUSPG to help keep customers ahead of the public threat," says Isaac Sundarajan, CEO, Codenomicon Ltd.

The founders of Codenomicon started researching methods for discovering common security flaws automatically and proactively as part of the OUSPG PROTOS research project in 1996. As a result of that research, many widely acclaimed and industry-proven PROTOS test suites have been created with Codenomicon technology. PROTOS Classic test-suites have had tens-of-thousands of downloads, and they are currently the baseline for security testing in the communications industry.

"Codenomicon has been a key partner in successfully commercializing our research in proactive elimination of security vulnerabilities in core Internet protocol implementations. As we discover new techniques and methodologies to further protect the public from attacks and exploits, we have confidence that we can partner with Codenomicon and continue to deliver these ideas through innovative products and solutions," remarks Juha Röning, Professor, University of Oulu, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering. The state-of-the-art product security research continues at OUSPG with the next-generation PROTOS Genome project.

About Codenomicon Ltd.

Codenomicon provides proactive, pre-deployment security and robustness solutions for IP-based and wireless systems. Codenomicon helps developers, service providers and enterprises defend their software, devices and data from security exposures and system failure -- saving them from increased development costs, product recalls, costly software upgrades, damage to their brands, and the legal exposure caused by security incidents, service interruptions and failures.

Codenomicon solutions include tools for testing the security and robustness of core Internet software, VoIP, 3G, Bluetooth, email and digital media. Codenomicon, founded in 2001 by a group of world-class researchers in information security, is headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with offices in San Jose, California and Hong Kong. For more information, visit

About the Oulu University Secure Programming Group

The purpose of the OUSPG is to study, evaluate and develop methods of implementing and testing application and system software in order to prevent, discover and eliminate implementation level security vulnerabilities in a proactive fashion. The focus is on implementation level security issues and software security testing. For more information, visit

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