Crio Bru Canada

Crio Bru Canada

May 29, 2012 10:00 ET

Coffee Gets a New Cousin -Crio Bru- 100% Cocoa That Brews Like Coffee

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - May 29, 2012) -

It's not often that coffee lovers will admit to liking a brewed drink as much as their beloved "Joe," but Crio Brü is turning heads in the coffee world. Crio Brü is a healthy and delicious brewed cocoa drink that has just arrived in Canada. It has the essence and health properties of dark chocolate and brews just like coffee. Crio Brü is made with one ingredient - 100% pure, premium cocoa beans which are roasted and milled to produce flavorful cocoa grounds.

Crio Brü delivers the same intense, complex flavors of the finest cocoa beans found in artisan dark chocolate. Crio Brü's three varieties - Cavalla, Vega Reál and Coca River - have a taste uniquely their own. One may notice the coconut and cinnamon in Cavalla, or the strawberries and citrus in Vega Reál, or the green banana and blackberries in Coca River. The most remarkable fact about the flavors in Crio Brü, as with any fine chocolate, is that they are found naturally in the cocoa bean itself!

Because Crio Brü is roasted and brewed, it has the consistency, roasted flavor and complexity of a fine coffee, yet because it is made with cocoa beans, its primary flavors are chocolaty. Just as with coffee, sweetener and creamer can be added to taste, or it can be drank black for a bittersweet, low-calorie hot drink.

Coffee lovers are amazed at the complex aromatic and flavor notes found in Crio Brü and many are brewing their favorite coffee together with Crio Brü.

"The response to Crio Brü has been phenomenal," says Gordon Steward, a homeopathic practitioner located in Alberta. "Often my patients will tell me that they ran out of their first bag in a day or two because they had to share it with their family and friends." After such an overwhelming positive response by his patients, Gordon decided to import Crio Brü to Canada.

"It's not often you come across a revolutionary, single-ingredient product made from an organic source," he says. "But Crio Brü is exactly that. It not only tastes fantastic, but also has the added benefits of supplying the body with amino acid and tryptophan, which makes serotonin - thereby promoting positive feelings and keeping us from feelings of depression. Pure cocoa also contains the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is food for the brain! And to top it all, cocoa beans are a fruit with the highest antioxidant rating of all foods, helping our bodies to naturally prevent free radical damage."

"What a novel and interesting unadulterated and natural product that not only tastes great but is phenomenally good for your body!"

Crio is currently being sold online and is expanding into grocery stores and coffee shops nationwide. It can be found on

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