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Cogeco Cable Canada
TGV Net Mauricie

TGV Net Mauricie

November 29, 2013 14:14 ET

Cogeco Cable Canada and TGV Net Mauricie Announce a Partnership

More businesses, organizations and residences in areas of the Mauricie region not served by Cogeco will benefit from fibre services

SHAWINIGAN, QUÉBEC--(Marketwired - Nov. 29, 2013) - Cogeco Cable Canada ("Cogeco") and TGV Net Mauricie ("TGV Net") announced today a partnership aimed at providing businesses, organizations and residences in the Mauricie region with access to an inter-connected fibre-optic network and a range of related services. This agreement puts Cogeco in a position to offer competitively priced high-speed Internet, telephone and digital television services, using the public network owned by TGV Net and its partners, in areas where the company does not currently operate.

"TGV Net has been looking for another network operator to increase the number of services and projects in the Mauricie region for quite some time," said Steve Martin, Chairman of the Board, TGV Net. "Partnering with Cogeco, a company with a very strong local and regional presence, will enable us to provide very reliable service to a large number of commercial partners and users, who have been asking for such service for a long time. Ensuring steady and dependable Internet service is a constant concern. This is precisely what prompted us to recommend that our partners seek accreditation."

Maryse Gervais, Executive Director at TGV Net, added: "This partnership agreement will improve the range of services available in the Mauricie region, while also diversifying our sources of revenue and ensuring TGV Net's longevity. The more Internet service we are able to provide, the better our chances of retaining our commercial and residential customers in the Mauricie region."

And Denis Trépanier, Vice-Chair of the Board at TGV Net, also sees a brighter future with this addition of a network provider. "As I also hold the position of Vice-President, Cognibox Evolution and Solution at SIM in Shawinigan, I know the regional situation and the area's fibre-optic needs pretty well, and I think that a partnership with Cogeco will provide businesses and organizations here with diverse, quality services."

Johanne Hinse, Vice-President, Business Development and Sales, at Cogeco Cable Canada, noted: "We are delighted with the vote of confidence we've received from the Board of TGV Net and our network partners, and we're proud to be working together with TGV Net, an organization with a great reputation in the region. We're committed to providing the excellent service for which Cogeco is recognized and offering products at the cutting edge of technology, all while remaining attentive to the needs of customers in the region."

Once again this year, TGV Net filed a positive operations report with its network partners, showing almost equal rates of revenue growth in the Chemin-du-Roy and Énergie school board districts: 35% in the former and 36% in the latter. Network partners are the Chemin-du-Roy and Énergie school boards, the regional county municipalities of Les Chenaux and Mékinac, and the cities of La Tuque, Shawinigan and Trois-Rivières.


Cogeco Cable Canada ( regroups the Canadian cable operations of Cogeco Cable Inc. Cogeco Cable Canada is the second largest cable operator in Ontario and Quebec in terms of the number of Basic Cable service customers served. Cogeco Cable Inc. is a telecommunications corporation and is the 11th largest hybrid fibre coaxial cable operator in North America operating in Canada under the Cogeco Cable brand name in Quebec and Ontario, and in the United States through its subsidiary Atlantic Broadband in Western Pennsylvania, South Florida, Maryland/Delaware and South Carolina. Its two-way broadband cable networks provide to its residential and small business customers Analogue and Digital Television, High Speed Internet («HSI») and Telephony services. Through its subsidiaries Cogeco Data Services and PEER 1 Hosting, Cogeco Cable Inc. provides its commercial customers a suite of IT hosting, information and communications technology services (Data Centre, Co-location, Managed Hosting, Cloud Infrastructure and Connectivity), with 20 data centres, extensive fibre networks in Montreal and Toronto as well as points-of-presence in North America and Europe. Cogeco Cable Inc.'s subordinate voting shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:CCA).


TGV Net Mauricie is a non-profit entity whose mission is to act as a "carrier" providing broadband connectivity throughout the Mauricie region by having accredited service providers offer various telecommunications services to businesses, organizations and homes in the region. Technological advances and the fact that many areas of the Mauricie have no quality high-speed Internet access led a number of economic players, including the Conférence régionale des Élus (Regional Conference of Elected Officials), Local Development Centres (CLDs) and Community Future Development Corporations (SADCs), to join forces and develop the TGV Net Mauricie project. The non-profit corporation TGV Net Mauricie was created as a result of excess fibre capacity owned by the Chemin-du-Roy and Énergie school boards, the regional county municipalities of Les Chenaux and Mékinac, and the cities of the Mauricie region, including La Tuque, Shawinigan and Trois-Rivières.

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