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September 16, 2008 12:30 ET

Cognition Creates World's Largest Semantic Map of the English Language With More Than 10 Million Semantic Connections

Cognition's Semantic Map Provides a Giant Leap Forward for Web 3.0 Applications by Bringing Human Understanding to Computers

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - September 16, 2008) - Cognition Technologies, a next-generation Semantic Natural Language Processing (NLP) company, has announced the release of the largest commercially available Semantic Map of the English language. The scope of Cognition's Semantic Map is more than double the size of any other computational linguistic dictionary for English, and includes over 10 million semantic connections that are comprised of semantic contexts, meaning representations, taxonomy and word meaning distinctions. Technologies incorporating Cognition's Semantic Map will be able to provide users with more accurate and complete Search capabilities, the ability to personalize and filter content, and improve the user experience by significantly reducing the amount of irrelevant information presented. Cognition Technologies' lexical resources encode a wealth of semantic, morphological and syntactic information about the words contained within documents and their relationships to each other. These resources were created, codified and reviewed by lexicographers and linguists over a span of 24 years.

Cognition's Semantic Map provides software applications with an "understanding" of more than four million semantic contexts (word meanings that create contexts for specific meanings of other related words). It encompasses over 536,000 word senses (word and phrase meanings); 75,000 concept classes (or synonym classes of word meanings); 7,500 nodes in the technology's ontology or classification scheme; and 506,000 word stems (roots of words) for the English language. This enables applications to have a more accurate and relevant understanding of content and user interaction, and can be deployed in a wide variety of markets, including Search, Web-based advertising and machine translation augmentation, to name just a few.

"Cognition's comprehensive Semantic Map is a critical component for the next phase of the Web's evolution, a.k.a. the Semantic Web, or Web 3.0. It gives the computer a depth of knowledge and understanding of language far beyond the current keyword and pattern-matching technologies in place," said Scott Jarus, CEO of Cognition Technologies. "Many experts predict that the future of information gathering will involve a combination of the Web and desktop, or 'Webtop' content. Our Semantic Map will enable these technologies to be more efficient and effective intermediaries in the process through such applications as Semantic Search, sentiment extraction and business analytics."

Integration APIs (application programmer interfaces) are available, enabling other applications to rapidly and efficiently tap into Cognitions Semantic Map resources. Enterprise customers for example, can provide Semantic Search capabilities against their internally developed data repositories or content management systems.

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Cognition Technologies, based in Los Angeles, has developed a revolutionary Semantic Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology which adds word and phrase meaning and "understanding" to computer applications, enabling them to be more human-like in their processing of information. Cognition's Semantic Map, the underlying technology developed over the past 23 years, is the largest and most extensive in existence. Applications and technologies which utilize Cognition's Semantic NLP™ technology are positioned to take full advantage of Web 3.0 (the Semantic Web).

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