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June 18, 2009 12:00 ET

Collecta Turns Internet's Ocean of Data Into a River of Real-Time Information

Based on Open Source Messaging Standard XMPP, Collecta Leads the Way in Real-Time Data and Builds Infrastructure for the Future of the Web

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - June 18, 2009) - Collecta (, the "real" real-time search company, launched a new site and technology platform set to fundamentally change the way people access information on the web and enable Internet search to finally keep pace with the real-time information streams on blogs, microblogs, news sites, social sites, and more.

Collecta pulls together information and content from across the Web -- including messages sent on microblogging platforms, posts to blogs, images posted on photos sites, as well as updates and conversations on social messaging and news sites -- and centralizes them in easy to read, continually updating streams. People can gather up-to-the-second content on any topic of interest at -- whether it's the iPod update, an earthquake in LA, or Hannah Montana -- to gain a deeper, and more current, view of what's going on in the world right now.

While not every search requires the immediacy of real-time, Collecta's technology can dramatically transform the end user experience in countless applications, such as watching a live stream of comments on a sporting event or television show, following breaking news on a natural disaster, or keeping a close eye on brand or product comments.

Additionally, Collecta will be making a set of APIs available to developers in the near future to further spur collaboration and application development around its real-time data platform.

"The industry is abuzz with the idea of real-time search. But for most companies touting these services, 'real time' equates to timely or recent, not necessarily now. From a structural standpoint, Collecta is the only true real-time search solution out there," explained Gerry Campbell, CEO of Collecta.

"Collecta shoots information to users the instant it's published -- we're aiming for second and sub-second latencies, not hours or days. This approach is a complete transformation from the traditional system of indexing, storing, crawling, and retrieving that has dominated the search market to date. Collecta is a river, while traditional search architectures are oceans," Campbell continued.

Unlike other aggregator or search tools that are simply a mashup of information built on top of Twitter Search, Collecta has built an entire ecosystem and infrastructure based on the open messaging standard XMPP. Over the past decade, the Collecta team has placed an early stake in the future of XMPP. And the recent launch of Google Wave ups the ante on XMPP's position in the real-time web.

Collecta's close-knit team includes CTO Jack Moffitt, who sits on the board of directors of the XMPP Standards and Foundations; Derek Powazek, the former Creative Director of both Blogger and Technorati and founder of JPG Magazine and; and Brian Zisk, a social networking pioneer who has been involved in the creation of the SanFran MusicTech Summit and The Future of Music Coalition. Brian, Jack, and several other members of the Collecta team merged their ongoing commitment to open source as founders of the Green Witch Internet Radio, an open source audio platform and infrastructure startup that was sold to CMGI in early 2000.

Heading up the team is CEO Gerry Campbell, who brings unparalleled expertise in Internet search, as former president of search and content technologies for Reuters, SVP of search for AOL, and head of commerce products/strategy for AltaVista Company. Additionally, Gerry was actively engaged with Summize as an investor and advisor throughout the creation of Twitter search and its acquisition by Twitter. He is also an advisor to tech accelerator Betaworks and has several angel investments in social media and real-time startups.

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Collecta represents a new way to experience search, in real time. Collecta is the Web's most powerful real-time search engine, posting matching stories, blogs, photos, and comments from sites such as Twitter, WordPress, Flickr and more -- as they happen. By aggregating content in real time, Collecta offers a new and more comprehensive view of what's going on in the world right now. For more information, visit

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