September 16, 2008 08:30 ET

Collectionbuddy Socializes Collecting Community

New Collaborative Online Resource and Social Network Enables Collectors to Share and Catalog Collectibles; Create Searchable Encyclopedia of World's Greatest Collections

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 16, 2008) -

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Collectors around the globe can spend hours scouring stores, surfing the Web, visiting flea markets and swap meets, and checking out online auction sites for new items to add to their growing collections. But with no definitive catalog for many of the world's greatest collectibles, building out or completing a collection can be an adventure in frustration. Collectionbuddy, a new social network and online resource, is changing that by enabling collectors to capture, catalog and share their treasures; interact with other enthusiasts; and discover new collectibles to acquire.

"For a collector, the search for more collectables will not end until their collection is complete," said Trevor Abramson, partner and co-founder of Collectionbuddy. "Our goal with Collectionbuddy is to create the world's largest interactive, searchable and user-generated catalog of collectibles ever assembled; and at the same time serve as a gathering place to showcase collections and facilitate socialization between collectors. It also offers an alternative marketplace from online auction sites since researching, trading, buying and selling items can occur naturally between collectors."

Collectionbuddy embraces a unique architecture that combines the best of object classification, search, social networking and Wiki technologies. It includes an evolving and growing online searchable catalog of collectibles that includes almost 21,000 catalogued items to date across more than 1,200 groups - ranging from action figures and bobbleheads to perfume compacts and snow globes. Using Collectionbuddy, enthusiasts can check the completeness of their collections and share their collections with other like-minded individuals.

"It was only a matter of time before avid collectors made a splash on the social networking scene," said Mark Skapinker, co-CEO of Brightspark, a company that specializes in creating and growing software and Internet businesses like Collectionbuddy. "The concept of a social network lends itself to servicing a global population of like-minded people that want to trade ideas, and in the case of collectors, enables them to showcase their treasures and ferret out that impossible-to-find item that has been on their radar for months on end."

Professional, amateur or aspiring collectors register to set up an account, create a username and upload photos of items from their collections. They can then organize, sort, order, display or hide their collections, and use optional 'tags' to filter items in their collections as being for sale, trade or wanted. Collectors can also edit, update, and correct information in links and news, and chat in forums related to their collection group. They can also review other groups and compile items they mark as wanted or owned from the global catalog into their personal collection list. Enthusiasts can create a public profile that can serve as a personal web page for organizing content and information to facilitate social networking and community building.

Collectionbuddy provides clubs and associations with a vast set of networking and organizing tools that can be used in a free forum to bring members closer together and expand club membership. It can also serve as an extension of existing web sites provided to club members, and as a standalone forum and gathering place.

Listing on Collectionbuddy is free, and provides a resource for both novice and sophisticated collectors who are looking for more than a trading floor.

About Collectionbuddy

Collectionbuddy ( is a social network and online resource for the world's greatest collections. It brings together global communities of professional, amateur and aspiring collectors who want to capture, catalog and share their treasured collectibles; interact with other enthusiasts with the same interests; and discover new items to collect. Collectionbuddy is a Brightspark 3.0 company.

About Brightspark 3.0

Launched in 2007, Brightspark 3.0 Inc. is a private corporation that focuses on software development and building next generation Internet businesses. Brightspark 3.0 is made up of two principal divisions: Brightspark Studios, its consulting and software development arm; and its subsidiary Internet businesses.

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